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As Grandes Orquestras 5 - Ted Heath & His Music

01. Summertime
02. How About You
03. Don't Get Around Much Anymore
04. Smooth'n Swinging
05. Don't Be That Way
06. Taking A Chance On Love
07. These Foolish Things
08. Midnight Sun
09. A Fine Romance
10. Night And Day
11. You're My Everything
12. You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To
13. 9.20 Special

Born 30 March 1900, London, England
Died 18 November 1969, Virginia Water, Surrey, England

Forty years before the Beatles led the British Invasion of the American musical scene, there was a similar American musical invasion of the U.K.: jazz. Sidney Bechet, one of the earliest and most enduring jazz expatriates, toured England in the mid-1920s, sparking a rush of interest in early jazz. And playing alongside Bechet was one of the most enthusiastic converts, Ted Heath.

Heath caught the jazz bug and kept it for the rest of his life. He spent the late twenties and most of the thirties playing with most of the biggest British big bands: Jack Hylton, Ambrose (for nearly ten years), and Geraldo. Inspired by Glenn Miller's big band sound, Heath formed his own group in 1944, and it became the dominant swing group in the U.K. until his death (and beyond).

Heath attracted many of the best performers and arrangers. Johnny Dankworth, trumpeter Kenny Baker, Stanley Black, Ronnie Scott (who went on to own the most famous jazz club in London), and Jack Parnell were among Heath's featured players. And his roster of arrangers is even more impressive: Dankworth, Johnny Keating, George Shearing (his rare ventures into arranging were for Heath), Tadd Dameron, Robert Farnon, and Roland Shaw.

Heath was successful enough, both commercially and critically, to be invited to tour the U.S. and play Carnegie Hall in 1953. Heath had a steady series of mid-chart hits throughout the fifties, with such tunes as "Dragnet," "Swinging Shepherd Blues," "Skin Deep," and "Sucu Sucu." One of the first acts to record for London's Phase Four stereo showcase series, Heath had the label's biggest hit in 1962 with Big Band Percussion.

Heath suffered from a heart conditions in the late 1960s and retired from performing. Trombonist Don Lusher took over the lead of the band, though, and it continued to record and perform for over 20 years, finally retiring with a gala concert at London's Royal Festival Hall in December 2000. (Lusher turned around and then formed his own band, which he continues to lead today.)

You can find out more about Ted Heath and Don Lusher at The Don Lusher Website. Coincidentally, another Heath alumnus, trumpeter Tony Fisher, recently revived Bert Kaempfert's music with a 21st century reincarnation of The Bert Kaempfert Orchestra.


The Big Band Dixie Sound, Decca LK 4328
All Time Top Twelve, London PS 117
Swing Session, London LL 138
Swings in High Stereo, London LL 150
At the London Paladium, London LL 802
Ted Heath's 100th London Palladium Concert, London LL 1000
At the London Paladium, Vol. 4, London LL1379
Gershwin for Moderns, London LL 1217
First American Tour, London LL 1564
At Carnegie Hall, London LL 1566
Things to Come, London LL 3047
Shall We Dance, London LL 3062
Pop Hits from the Classics, London 3124
Big Band Spirituals, London LL 3325
Hits I Missed, London PS 116 (stereo)
Big Band Percussion, London Phase 4 SP 44002
Big Band Bash, London Phase 4 SP 44017
Satin, Strings, and Bouncing Brass, London Phase 4 SP 44023
Big Band Spirituals, London Phase 4 SP 44036
Heath vs. Ros, London Phase 4 SP 44038
The New Palladium Performances London Phase 4 SP 44046
The Sound of Music, London Phase 4 SP 44063
Chartbusters, London Phase 4 SP 44074
Pow!, London Phase 4 SP 44079
Heath vs. Ros, Round 2, London Phase 4 SP 44089
Swing Is King, London Phase 4 SP 44104
Swing Is King Vol. 2, London Phase 4 SP 44113
The Big Ones, London Phase 4 SP 44140
Those Were the Days, London Phase 4 SP 44164
Big Band Themes Remembers, London Phase 4 SP 44178
A Salute to Glenn Miller, London Phase 4 SP 44186
The Ted Heath Band Salutes Tommy Dorsey, London Phase 4 SP 44208
Coast to Coast, London Phase 4 SP 44284
The World of Big Band Blues, London SPA 137
Smooth 'n Swinging, Decca TAB 33
At the BBC, BBC Records HRC-1060
Ted Heath's Fats Waller Album, Jasmine JASM 2007
The Big Band Sound of Ted Heath, Intersound ISST 131

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As Grandes Orquestras 4 - Ronnie Aldrich And Stanley Black

01. Mozart 40 (Mozart) - Ronnie Aldrich
02. Meditação (Massenet) - Ronnie Aldrich
03. Serenata (Schubert) - Ronnie Aldrich
04. Apenas Um Coração Solitário (None But Lonely Heart) (Tchaikovsky) - Ronnie Aldrich
05. Vocalise Op. 34 Nº 14 (Rachmaninoff) - Ronnie Aldrich
06. Barcarola (Offenbach-Guiraud) - Ronnie Aldrich
07. Noturno (Alexander Borodin) - Ronnie Aldrich
08. Serenata (Mozart) - Ronnie Aldrich
09. Noturno (Chopin) - Ronnie Aldrich
10. Ária Na Corda De Sol (Air On The G String) (J.S.Bach) - Ronnie Aldrich
11. Tema Do Concerto Para Piano Nº 21 (Mozart) - Ronnie Aldrich
12. Modern Times - Smile (C. Chaplin-J.Turner) - Stanley Black
13. Chaplin Revue - Texas (Chaplin) - Stanley Black
14. City Lights - Who'll Buy My Violets (Padilla-Willemetz) - Stanley Black
15. The Kid - Morning Promenade (C.Chaplin) - Stanley Black
16. The Great Dictator - Napoli March/Falling Star/Ze Boulevardier (Chaplin-Wilson) - Stanley Black
17. Limelight Theme (C.Chaplin) - Stanley Black
18. Modern Times - Titina (Daniderff-Ronn) - Stanley Black
19. A King In New York - Mandolin Serenade (C.Chaplin) - Stanley Black
20. Chaplin Revue - Green Lantern Rag (Chaplin) - Stanley Black
21. A Countess from Hong Kong - This Is My Song (C.Chaplin) - Stanley Black

Born Ronald Frank Aldrich (15 February 1916, Erith, Kent, England - 30 September 1993, Isle of Man), the only son af a store manager, was a British easy listening pianist, arranger, conductor and composer. He was just three years old when he started playing the piano being his musical education classical. He was taught violin at the Guildhall School.

Young Ronnie Aldrich went to India to play jazz before WWII.

Ronnie Aldrich first gained fame in the 1940s as leader of The Squadronaires, up until their disbanding in 1964.

He was noteworthy for the recording development of playing two pianos in his recordings (the Decca's Phase 4 Stereo series). He recorded for The Decca Record Company Ltd in the 1960s and 1970s, moving to Seaward Ltd (his own company) licensed to EMI in the 1980s. He also regularly broadcast on BBC Radio 2 with his own orchestra as well as with the BBC Radio Orchestra, directing from the piano.

Aldrich was also widely known as the musical director for the world-famous The Benny Hill Show. He was appointed musical director at Thames Television.

Ronnie Aldrich died of prostate cancer at age 77.

Decca Discography:

Melody and Percussion for Two Pianos, Decca Phase4 PFS34007 (SP-44007) 1961
Ronnie Aldrich and His Two Pianos, Decca Phase 4 PFS4019 (SP-44018) 1962
The Magnificent Pianos of Ronnie Aldrich, London Phase 4 SP-44029 1963
The Romantic Pianos of Ronnie Aldrich, London Phase 4 SP-44042 1964
Christmas with Ronnie Aldrich. London Phase 4 SP-44051 1964
The Magic Mood of Ronnie Aldrich, Decca Phase 4 PFS4064 (SP-44062) 1965
That Aldrich Feeling, Decca Phase 4 PFS4076 (SP-44070) 1965
All Time Piano Hits, London Phase 4 SP-44081 1966
Where The Sun Is, Decca Phase 4 PFS4106 1966
Two Pianos in Hollywood, Decca Phase 4 PFS4108 (SP-44092) 1967
Two Pianos Today!, Decca Phase 4 PFS4132 (SP-44100) 1967
For Young Lovers, Decca Phase 4 PFS4141 (SP 44108) 1968
This Way "In," Decca Phase 4 PFS4152 (SP-44116) 1968
Its Happening Now, Decca Phase 4 PFS 4159 (SP-44127) 1969
Destination Love, Decca Phase 4 PFS4179 (SP 44135) 1969
Togetherness, Decca Phase 4 DDS 2, 1970
Here Come the Hits!, London Phase 4 SP-44143 1970
Close to You, London H-17156 1970
Love Story, Decca Phase 4 PFS4222 (SP-44162) 1971
Great Themes To Remember Decca Phase 4 1971
Invitation To Love, Decca Phase 4 PFS4242 (SP-44176) 1972
Come to Where the Love Is, Decca Phase 4 PFS4264 (SP 44190) 1972
The Phase 4 Stereo World of Burt Bacharach, Decca Phase 4 SPA193, 1972
Soft And Wicked, Decca Phase 4 PFS4268 (SP-44195 H-17195) 1973
Top of the World, London Phase 4 SP-44203, 1973
The Way We Were, Decca Phase 4 PFS4300 (SP 44209) 1974
In the Gentle Hours, Decca Phase 4 PFS 4329 (SP-44221), 1975
Love, Decca Phase 4 PFS4361 (SP 44253) 1975
Reflections, Decca Phase 4 PFS4377 (SP-44264) 1976
Webb Country, Decca Phase 4 PFS4397 (SP-44278) 1977
With Love & Understanding, Decca Phase 4 PFS4406 (SP-44286) 1977 (Evergreen USA)
Melodies from the Classics, Decca Phase 4 PFS 4424(SP-44300) 1978
Emotions, Decca Phase 4 PFS4436 (SP-44310) 1978

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As Grandes Orquestras 4

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As Grandes Orquestras 3 - Roland Shaw

01. Cielito Lindo
02. Pepe
03. The Three Caballeros
04. Solamente Una Vez
05. Bulerias
06. Las Chiapenecas
07. Guadalajara
08. La Cucaracha
09. Tipitin
10. La Paloma
11. La Bamba
12. El Relicario

Roland Shaw born Roland Edgar Shaw-Tomkins 26 May 1920 is an English composer, musical arranger, and orchestra leader.

Shaw attended the Trinity College of Music and served in the Royal Air Force in World War II leading RAF No 1 Band of the Middle East Forces.

Following wartime service he arranged music for Ted Heath, Teddy Foster, Mantovani and many others. He was also an arranger and record producer for London Decca with his orchestra recording for that label and Phase 4 Stereo. Shaw arranged music for films and wrote the score for Straight on Till Morning.

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As Grandes Orquestras 3

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Sabor de Amor - Romance Ao Som Instrumental

01. Soleado - Rolf Baschun
02. When A Man Loves A Woman - Miami Sunset Strings
03. Harmony - Miami Sunset Strings
04. Eisamer Hirte - Roger Bennet
05. Il Silenzio - Robert de Rycke
06. Petite Fleur - Roger Bennet
07. Stand By Your Man - Miami Sunset Strings
08. Le Rêve - Miami Sunset Strings
09. Killing Me Softly With His Song - Rolf Baschun
10. Verde - Roger Bennet
11. Amazing Grace - Rolf Baschun
12. Fur Liebe Zahlte - Miami Sunset Strings
13. Aria - Roger Bennet
14. Vergessen Heibt Verloren Sein - Miami Sunset Strings
15. Bleib Wicht Einsam Heut Nacht - Miami Sunset Strings

Sabor de Amor

As Grandes Orquestras 2 - Mantovani & Sua Orquestra

1. Concerto de Varsóvia
2. Serenata de amor
3. O sonho de Olwen
4. A lenda da montanha de cristal
5. A história de três amores
6. Rapsódia de Cornwall

Annunzio Paolo Mantovani (November 15, 1905 – March 29, 1980), known by the mononym Mantovani, was a popular conductor and light orchestra-style entertainer with a cascading strings musical signature. He is more associated with the light orchestra genre than any other entertainer.

Mantovani was born in Venice, Italy and his father was the concertmaster of La Scala orchestra under Arturo Toscanini. His family moved to England in 1912, where he studied at Trinity College of Music in London. After graduation, he formed his own orchestra, which played in and around Birmingham. By the time World War II broke out, his orchestra was one of the most popular in England,[citation needed] both on the BBC and in live performances.

He was also musical director for a large number of musicals and other plays, including ones by Noel Coward. After the war, he concentrated on recording, and eventually gave up live performance altogether. He worked with arranger and composer Ronnie Binge, who developed the "cascading strings" sound (also known as the "Mantovani sound").[citation needed] His records were regulars in stores selling hi-fi stereo equipment, as they were produced and arranged for stereo reproduction. In 1952 Binge ceased to arrange for Mantovani, but his distinctive sound remained.

He recorded for Decca until the mid-1950s, and then London Records. He recorded over 50 albums on that label, many of which were top-40 hits. These included Song from Moulin Rouge and Cara Mia, which reached No. 1 in Britain in 1953 and 1954, respectively. The latter was also Mantovani's first U.S. Top Ten hit.

In the United States, between 1955 and 1972, he released over 40 albums with 27 reaching the Top 40 and 11 the Top Ten. His biggest success was with the album Film Encores, which made it to No. 1 in 1957. Similarly, Mantovani Plays Music From 'Exodus' and Other Great Themes made it to No. 2 in 1961 and sold over one million albums.

Mantovani made his last recordings in 1975.

Music style and influences:

The cascading strings technique developed by Binge became Mantovani's hallmark in such hits arranged by Binge as "Charmaine". Binge developed this technique to replicate the echo experienced in venues such as cathedrals by arrangement alone, in an echo-free surrounding.

Author Joesph Lanza describes Mantovani's string arrangements as the most "rich and mellifluous" of the emerging light music style during the early 1950s. He stated that Mantovani was a leader in the use of new studio technologies to "create sound tapestries with innumerable strings", and that "the sustained hum of Mantovani's reverberated violins produced a sonic vaporizer foreshadowing the synthesizer harmonics of space music."

In 1958 Mantovani and his family bought a holiday home in Bournemouth in Durley Chine Road, then in 1961 acquired a new property in Burton Road (now part of Poole). He moved, finally, to a new home in Martello Road in Poole.

Since his death at a care home in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, in 1980, his music has enjoyed a minor revival, with much of his catalogue reappearing on CD and an orchestra bearing his name performing concert tours. The saleability of the Mantovani name is underscored by new recordings being made as the Mantovani Orchestra. Unfortunately, a large number of CDs are also available of unauthorized recordings, billed as Mantovani or Mantovani Orchestra. There have also been CDs released under the Mantovani name of recordings made by others while Mantovani was still alive. Thus, consumers of this music are advised to familiarize themselves with the conductor's discography. Material with the London Records logo on it is apt to be genuine Mantovani, while other recordings are less likely to be actual Mantovani recordings.

The continued popularity of Mantovani's music is evident by the number of original albums which are being released, on labels such as Dutton-Vocalion, and by the many compilations available throughout the world. In 2008, as a result of successful, ongoing CD sales, amongst other contributing factors, the Mantovani Orchestra (performing from the original scores) was recreated for a tremendously successful historical tribute concert, sponsored by Bentley Motors, held at the Lighthouse, in Poole, England, on 27 January, conducted by Sam Newgarth, MBE. Much critical acclaim has led to the planning of a second concert, to take place in January 2009, at the same venue. There are four Mantovani websites in honour of the maestro, a written biography by Colin MacKenzie entitled Mantovani - A Lifetime In Music (ISBN 1-905226-19-5). A ten CD set 'The Wonderful World of Mantovani' was released in November 2008 in Japan (a link to the website in Japan may be found by visiting, featuring many rare tracks which have never been released on CD before, in a superbly remastered format, and, following the success of the Mantovani Orchestra's 2008 concert, 'More MANTOVANI Magic' took place at Lighthouse in Poole, England, on 31 January 2009, again conducted by maestro Sam Newgarth MBE. The concert was sponsored by Poole Audi, and also with the generous support of Richard Cox.

Owing to the success of 'More MANTOVANI Magic', which took place at Lighthouse in Poole on 31 January 2009, a DVD and CD is currently being planned for worldwide release. Once again, Mantovani's music attracted a full audience, and the programme included many rarities, including 'Domino', which was performed by virtuoso accordionist, Eddie Hession, who was also the soloist in Ron Grainer's 'Maigret Theme', specially arranged for the Mantovani Orchestra by Franck Leprince. Paul Barrett gave an outstanding performance of Cecil Milner's composition, 'Percussion On Parade', and clarinettist Sue Topp astounded the audience with her renditions of 'Bewitched' featuring soprano saxophone, and 'Non Dimenticar', on alto saxophone. Mantovani's lush version of Glenn Miller's 'Moonlight Serenade' was given an unsurpassed performance, by the shimmering strings, led by Franck Leprince, and the mellifluous brass section comprising Mike Lovatt and Danny Marsden on trumpets, Russell Howarth and Andy Fawbert, on trombones, and the golden French horn of Richard Ashton. Once again, the presenters were the actress, and Sixties TV and film star, Alexandra Bastedo, and Radio and Television broadcaster and personality, Ed Stewart.


Popular music

Song Hits from Theatreland, London 125, 1955
Music from the Films, London 112
Waltz Encores, London 119
Film Encores, London 124, 1957
Gems Forever, London 106, 1958
Continental Encores, London 147
Film Encores, Vol. 2, London 164, 1959
The Music of Victor Herbert and Sigmund Romberg, London 165, 1960
The Music of Irving Berlin and Rudolf Friml, London 166, 1956
The American Scene, London 182
Songs to Remember, London 193, 1960
Great Theme Music (Music from "Exodus"), London 224, 1961
Theme from "Carnival", London 3250, 1961
Themes from Broadway, London 242
American Waltzes, London 248
Moon River, London 249, 1962
Selections from "Stop the World - I Want to Get Off" and "Oliver", London 270
Latin Rendezvous, London 295
Manhattan, London 328, 1963
Folk Songs Around the World, London 360
The Incomparable Mantovani, London 392
The Mantovani Sound, London 419, 1965
Mantovani Olé, London 422
Mantovani Magic, London 448, 1966
Mantovani's golden hits, Decca 1967 SKL 4818
Mr. Music, London 474, 1966
Mantovani/Hollywood, London 516
The Mantovani Touch, London 526, 1968
Mantovani/Tango, London 532
Mantovani ... Memories, London 542
The Mantovani Scene, London 548, 1969
The World of Mantovani, London 565, 1969
Mantovani Today, London 572, 1970
From Monty with Love, London 585-586, 1971
An Evening with Mantovani, London 902, 1973
The Greatest Gift Is Love, London 913, 1975

Semi-classical music

Strauss Waltzes, London 118
Concert Encores, London 133
Operetta Memories, London 202
Italia Mia, London 232, 1961
Classical Encores, London 269
The World's Great Love Songs, London 280
Mantovani in Concert, London 578

Christmas and religious music

Christmas Carols, London 142, 1954
Songs of Praise, London 245
Christmas Greetings, London 338
Christmas Carols, London LL 913

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Stanley Black & Sua Orquestra - Tango! Tango! Tango!

01. La Cumparsita
02. La Rosita
03. Amargura
04. A Media Luz
05. Jealousy
06. Adios Pampa Mia
07. Adios Muchachos
08. The Pearl Fishers
09. Poema
10. Violetta
11. Tango Delle Rose
12. Dark Eyes
13. El Amanecer
14. Caminito

Tango! Tango! Tango!

Stanley Black (14 June 1913 - 27 November 2002) was an English light music conductor, arranger and pianist. He wrote and arranged many film scores and recorded prolifically for the Decca label (including London and Phase 4). Beginning with jazz collaborations with American musicians such as Coleman Hawkins and Benny Carter during the 1930s, he moved into arranging and recording in the Latin American style and also won awards for his classical conducting.

Stanley Black (Solomon Schwartz) was born in 1913 in Whitechapel, England. His parents were Polish and Romanian Jews. He began piano lessons at the age of seven. He was aged only 12 when his first composition was broadcast by the BBC Symphony Orchestra and continued his early success by winning a Melody Maker arranging competition aged 18.

In the early 1930s he was employed as a jazz player and composer and had worked with Howard Jacobs, Joe Orlando, Lew Stone, Maurice Winnick and Teddy Joyce by the time he joined Harry Roy in 1936. He had also broadcast and recorded with several American jazz bands, including Coleman Hawkins, who had first heard Black on late night radio shows with Lew Stone’s band. When the two eventually met in London, the reviewer Edgar Jackson suggested they record together, and a notable collaboration is a duet version of Honeysuckle Rose.

During World War II, he joined the Royal Air Force, and became involved in managing the entertainment of servicemen based at Wolverhampton. In 1944 he was appointed conductor of the BBC Dance Orchestra, and remained in the job for almost nine years, broadcasting as many as six nights a week.

By this time he had also begun recording under his own name for Decca. Now well involved with the film industry, he went on to compose, arrange and direct music for about 200 more films, notably after being appointed music director at Elstree Studios in 1958. He was also principal conductor of the Associated British Picture Corporation Orchestra and musical director composer of that organisation from 1958-1963.

Stanley Black’s radio work kept him in contact with a large listening audience through his incidental music for shows such as Much Binding in the Marsh and The Goon Show. He later went on to present his own programmes on radio and television, including Black Magic and The Marvellous World of Stanley Black. This undoubtedly contributed to the success of his commercial recordings and concerts with his own orchestra.

In the early 1950s he regularly topped the "Melody Maker" lists of the most-heard musicians on radio. He was chosen to be included on Decca’s first release of long-playing records in the UK in June 1950. This enabled him to continue his conducting, arranging and performing and resulted in a large number of albums which made him one of the most prolific recording artists in the world. He was particularly popular in America, as evidenced by his inclusion in the "Billboard" best-sellers lists.

During his life, he conducted many of Britain’s major orchestras, and until the 1990s he was still directing regular broadcast sessions at the BBC studios, despite the onset of deafness in later life.

Stanley Black received numerous awards, including the OBE. He was made a life fellow of the Institute of Arts and Letters, and life president of the Celebrities Guild of Great Britain. He died in London in 2002, aged 89.

Stanley Black is well remembered for writing numerous scores for radio, television and cinema, including the theme-tune for The Goon Show and his orchestral backing for Cliff Richard's 1962 film Summer Holiday, which won him an Ivor Novello Award.

Other films he composed scores for include It Always Rains on Sunday (1948), Laughter in Paradise (1951), The Naked Truth (1957), Too Many Crooks (1958), The Long and the Short and the Tall (1961), and another Cliff Richard musical The Young Ones (1961). His work also became familiar to millions of cinema audiencs as a consequence of his theme tune for Pathé News, written in 1960.

He also recorded many classical works, including collections of Tchaikovsky and George Gershwin. In 1965 he won a Gramophone Award for his version of Rimsky-Korsakov’s Capriccio Espagnol. In addition, he arranged and conducted many commercially successful albums on LP and later CD like Tropical Moonlight, Cuban Moonlight, Black Magic, and series of Film Spectacular and Broadway Spectacular for London Decca Records

Selected Discography:

The Cash Box Instrumental Hits, London LL158
Plays for Latin Lovers, London LL248
Jerome Kern's Symphonic Suite, London LL579
Berlin Suite, London LL811
Some Enchanted Evening, London LL1098
Dancing in the Dark, London LL1099
Carnival in the Sun, London LL1100
Festival in Costa Rica, London LL1101
Music for Romance, London LL1149
Cuban Moonlight, London LL1166
Music of Richard Rodgers, London LL1209
Plays for Latin Lovers, London LL1248
The Night Was Made for Love, London LL1307
Summer Evening Serenade, London LL1332
The Music of Lecuona, London LL1438
Music of Cole Porter, London LL1565
Red Velvet, London LL1592
Tropical Moonlight, London LL1615
Moonlight Cocktail, London LL1709 (Dec 1957)
Place Pigalle, London LL1742
Sophisticate in Cuba, London LL 1781
The All Time Top Tangos, London PS 176
More Top Tangos, Decca SKL 4812
Gershwin Goes Latin, London PS 206
Rhapsody in Blue, London Phase 4 21009
Spectacular Dances for Orchestra, London Phase 4 SP 21020
Overture!, London Phase 4 21028
Great Rhapsodies, London Phase 4 21030
Exotic Percussion, London Phase 4 SP 44004
Spain, London Phase 4 SP 44016
Film Spectacular, London Phase 4 SP 44025
Film Spectacular Vol.2, London Phase 4 SP 44031
Music of a People, London Phase 4 SP 44060
Broadway Spectacular, London Phase 4 SP 44071
Russia, London Phase 4 SP 44075
Film Spectacular Vol.3, London Phase 4 SP 44078
Broadway Blockbusters, London Phase 4 44088
Dimensions in Sound, London Phase 4 SP 44105
Fiddler on the Roof, London Phase 4 44121
Film Spectacular Vol. 4, London Phase 4 44173
Rhapsody in Blue, London Phase 4 21009
Digital Spectacular!, London LDP 30001
Film Spectacular Vol. 5, London Phase 4 SP 44225

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Lifetime of Romance - Young Love - Various Artists

  1. Young Love - Tab Hunter
  2. Tammy - Debbie Reynolds
  3. Cast Your Fate To The Wind - Sounds Orchestral
  4. Hello Mary Lou - Ricky Nelson
  5. Juliet - The Four Pennies
  6. Eso Beso (That Kiss) - Paul Anka
  7. Venus - Frankie Avalon
  8. (Till) I Kissed You - The Everly Brothers
  9. Will You Love Me Tomorrow - The Shirelles
  10. Keep Searchin' (We'll Follow The Sun) - Del Shannon
  11. Poetry In Motion - Johnny Tillotson
  12. April Love - Pat Boone
  13. A Lover's Concerto - The Toys
  14. Sunny - Bobby Hebb
  15. Come Softly To Me - The Fleetwoods
  16. Que Sera Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be) - Doris Day
Volume 2:
  1. I Will Follow Him -  Little Peggy March
  2. Kisses Sweeter Than Wine - Jimmy Rodgers
  3. A Groovy Kind Of Love - The Mindbenders
  4. To Sir With Love - Lulu
  5. You're Sixteen - Johnny Burnette
  6. Red Roses For A Blue Lady - Wayne Newton
  7. Thereґs A Kind Of Hush (All Over The World) - Hermanґs Hermits
  8. Little Miss Lonely - Helen Shapiro
  9. You Are My Special Angel - Bobby Helms
  10. Baby I'm A Want You - Bread
  11. Summer (The First Time) - Bobby Goldsboro
  12. I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing - The New Seekers
  13. True Love Ways - Peter & Gorden
  14. Silence Is Golden - The Tremeloes
  15. Sealed With A Kiss - Bryan Hyland
  16. Venus in Blue Jeans - Mark Wynter
Young Love

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As Grandes Orquestras 1 - Caesar Giovannini

  1. Stella by starlight
  2. Al di la
  3. Beyond the sea (la mer)
  4. Gigi
  5. Stairway to the stars
  6. I hear a rhapsody
  7. Stranger on the shore
  8. Misty
  9. My silent love
  10. Love letters
  11. Tonight
  12. You are beautiful
Caesar Giovannini was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1925. He began piano studies in 1930 at the Chicago Conservatory of Music, where he was winner of the Conservatory Medal for Excellence in 1937 and 1938. He was piano soloist for the official U.S. Navy Band in Washington, D.C. during the years 1945-1946.

Mr. Giovannini resumed his music studies and received his bachelor's degree in piano in 1947, and Master's degree in composition in 1948.

Mr. Giovannini joined the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) Chicago, as staff pianist in 1949, and later was a member of the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) as staff pianist. In 1960, he moved to Los Angeles, where he became active as pianist, composer and arranger for various Motion Picture and Television studios in Hollywood, California.

Arizona has been his home since 1983, where he continues his career as a composer of band and ensemble music.

As Grandes Orquestras 1

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Salute To Nat 'King' Cole - Various Artists

01. Mona Lisa - Mantovani
02. Too Young - Fela Sowande & His Quiet Rhythm
03. Red Sails In The Sunset - Frank Chacksfield
04. Unforgettable - Billy Ternent
05. Somewhere Along The Way - Fela Sowande & His Quiet Rhythm
06. Tenderly - Ronnie Aldrich
07. Smile - Frank Chacksfield
08. When I Fall In Love - Ronnie Aldrich
09. Stardust - Mantovani
10. The Touch Of Your Lips - Frank Chacksfield
11. Serenata - Johnny Keating & His '27 Men' Band
12. People - Ted Heath
13. I Could Have Danced All Night - Mantovani
14. The Girl From Ipanema - Stanley Black

Salute to Nat King Cole

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Lifetime of Romance - Passion - Various Artists

  1. The Look Of Love - Sergio Mendes
  2. Can't Get Enough Of Your Love Babe - Barry White
  3. Make It With You - Bread
  4. Love Me Tender - Richard Chamberlain
  5. Never, Never, Never - Shirley Bassey
  6. I Get A Kick Out Of You - Gary Shearston
  7. I'll Never Love This Way Again - Dionne Warwicke
  8. Can't Take My Eyes Of You - Andy Williams
  9. I Want To Sing You A Love Song - Anne Murray
  10. Emotions - Samantha Sang
  11. We Are All Alone - Bozz Scaggs
  12. We May Never Love Like This Again - Maureen McGovern
  13. Light My Fire - Jose Feliciano
  14. That's The Way I Always Heard It Should Be - Carly Simon
  15. (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman - Aretha Franklin
  16. Up Where We Belong - Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes
Volume 2:
  1. Theme For Young Lovers - Percy Faith & His Orchestra
  2. Kissin' In The Back Row Of The Movies - The Drifters
  3. I Love How You Love Me - The Paris Sisters
  4. I Only Have Eyes For You - Johnny Mathis
  5. I Love You More And More Every Day - Al Martino
  6. The Story Of My Life - Michael Holliday
  7. Sometimes When We Touch - Dan Hil
  8. A Little Bit More - Dr. Hook
  9. We've Got Tonight - Kenny Rogers & Shena Easton
  10. Would You Lay With Me - Tanya Tucker
  11. Love Me Tonight - Tom Jones
  12. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight - Linda Ronstadt
  13. Woman - Peter & Gordon
  14. You're A Lady - Peter Sklerren
  15. Love Me - Yvonne Elliman
  16. I Got You Babe - Sonny & Cher

sexta-feira, 22 de maio de 2009

Love Story - Os Românticos Anos 70 - Various Artists

01. Love Story - Ronnie Aldrich
02. It's Impossible - Mantovani
03. You Make Me Feel Brand New - Ronnie Aldrich
04. (They Long To Be) Close To You - Frank Chacksfield
05. All By Myself - Ronnie Aldrich
06. The Way We Were - Stanley Black
07. Killing Me Softly With His Song - Ronnie Aldrich
08. And I Love You So - Mantovani
09. Without You - Ronnie Aldrich
10. Just When I Needed You Most - Stanley Black
11. Feelings - Ronnie Aldrich
12. I'll Never Fall In Love Again - Mantovani
13. Evergreen (Love Theme From 'A Star Is Born') - Ronnie Aldrich

Love Story

quinta-feira, 21 de maio de 2009

Lifetime of Romance - Move Closer - Various Artists

  1. Move Closer - Phyllis Nelson
  2. Kiss Me Honey Honey (Kiss Me) - Shirley Bassey
  3. Lucky Lips - Cliff Richard
  4. No Arms Can Ever Hold You - Bobby Vinton
  5. A Little Kiss Goodnight - Guy Mitchell & Doris Day
  6. Loving Arms - Dobie Gray
  7. Reach Out I'll Be There - The Four Tops
  8. Take Me In Your Arms & Love Me - Gladys Knight & The Pips
  9. This Magic Moment - The Drifters
  10. Come Softly To Me - Jane Olivor
  11. In The Arms Of Love - Andy Williams
  12. Kiss And Say Goodbye - The Manhattans
  13. Move Over Darling - Doris Day
  14. A Kiss To Build A Dream On - Louis Armstrong
  15. Who Kissed Me Last Night - Rosemary Clooney
  16. Rest Your Love On Me - Conway Twitty
Volume 2:
  1. Let's Kiss And Make Up -  Bobby Vinton
  2. When The Girl In Your Arms Is The Girl In Your Heart - Cliff Richard
  3. It Started With A Kiss - Hot Chocolate
  4. Little Children - Billy J. Kramer
  5. Give Him A Great Big Kiss - The Shangri-Las
  6. Lean On Me - Bill Withers
  7. One Last Kiss - Billy ''Crash'' Craddock
  8. Someone To Lay Down Beside Me - Karla Bonoff
  9. Turn Out The Light (And Love Me Tonight) - Don Williams
  10. Touch Your Woman - Dolly Parton
  11. Back In My Arms Again - Diana Ross & The Supremes
  12. Bring It On Home To Me-You Send Me - Rod Stewart
  13. These Arms Of Mine - Otis Redding
  14. Slow Hand - The Pointer Sisters
  15. Sexual Healing - Marvin Gaye
  16. Kiss - Tom Jones with Art Of Noise
Move Closer

quarta-feira, 20 de maio de 2009

Yesterday - Os Românticos Anos 60 - VA

01. Yesterday - Mantovani
02. Sunny - Ronnie Aldrich
03. Love Is Blue - Johnny Howard
04. Softly As I Leave You - Ronnie Aldrich
05. Leaving On A Jet Plane - Mantovani
06. Moon River - Frank Chacksfield
07. Strangers In The Night - Mantovani
08. I Can't Stop Loving You - Cyril Stapleton
09. Didn't We - Ronnie Aldrich
10. (I Left My Heart) In San Francisco - Johnny Howard
11. My Cherie Amour - Ronnie Aldrich
12. I'll Never Fall In Love Again - Frank Chacksfield
13. Joanna - Johnny Howard
14. Cherish - Ronnie Aldrich

terça-feira, 19 de maio de 2009

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes - Os Românticos Anos 50 - VA

01. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes - Mantovani
02. Love Letters In The Sand - Frank Chacksfield
03. Two Different Worlds - Mantovani
04. Autumn Leaves - Mantovani
05. Just In Time - Ted Heath
06. Unforgettable - Billy Ternent
07. Catch A Falling Star - Mantovani
08. True Love - Mantovani
09. Unchained Melody - Ted Heath
10. When I Fall In Love - Mantovani
11. Smile - Frank Chacksfield
12. Hey There - Mantovani
13. I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face - Ronnie Aldrich
14. Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing - Mantovani

segunda-feira, 18 de maio de 2009

Lifetime of Romance - Missing You - Various Artists

  1. When A Man Loves A Woman - Percy Sledge
  2. You Don't Have To Say You Love Me - Dusty Springfield
  3. I Remember You - Frank Ifield
  4. Anyone Who Had A Heart - Dionne Warwicke
  5. You Were On My Mind - Crispian St. Peters
  6. Gentle On My Mind - Glen Campbell
  7. Angel Of The Morning - Merrillee Rush
  8. Elusive Butterfly - Bob Lind
  9. Michelle - The Overlanders
  10. Trains And Boats And Planes - Billy J. Kramer
  11. If - Bread
  12. Someone Someone - Brian Poole & TheTremeloes
  13. Help Me Make It Through The Night - Sammi Smith
  14. Distant Drums - Jim Reeves
  15. Tell Laura I Love Her - Ray Peterson
  16. I Say A Little Prayer - Aretha Franklin
Volume 2:
  1. All I Have To Do Is Dream -  The Everly Brothers
  2. Dreamin' - Johnny Brunette
  3. Among My Souvenirs - Connie Francis
  4. My Prayer - The Platters
  5. Love Letters - Ketty Lester
  6. Island In The Sun - Harry Belafonte
  7. Maria Elena - Los Indios Tabajara
  8. Mister Sandman - The Chordettes
  9. Knock Three Times - Dawn
  10. Diane - The Bachelors
  11. Secret Love - Kathy Kirby
  12. On The Street Where You Live - Vic Damone
  13. The Shadow of Your Smile - Astrud Gilberto
  14. I Left My Heart In San Francisco - Tony Bennett
  15. Dream A Little Dream Of Me - Mama Cass
  16. Dream Baby (How Long Must Dream) - Roy Orbison

Bert Kaempfert Swing Band - Combo Capers

  1. Old Noah (Gubben Noach)
  2. Zoom Gali Gali
  3. Hänschen Klein
  4. Fröhlicher Landmann (Jolly Peasant)
  5. The Nightingale (Solovej / Die Nachtigall)
  6. Sobre las Olas (Über den Wellen / Over the Waves)
  7. My Yiddishe Momme
  8. Take It
  9. Schlaf, Kindchen, Schlaf
  10. Haifa (Bus to Haifa)
  11. Ack Värmeland du Sköna
  12. Samo Jednom Se Ljubi
  13. Si J'etais Roi
  14. Rainy Sunday
  15. Newspaper
  16. Finnish Folk Song (Suomen Laulu)
For once the arranger-bandleader Bert Kaempfert does not work with a large orchestra but emerges on this combo recording - set down in May 1960 in the Hamburg Musikhalle by the balance engineer Karl Hinze - as a formidable foe of the state phrase and a sworn champion of the swingy sound. His stimulating musical ideas get a vigorous waxing in this album of international melodies, all lined up for a fresh-sounding dance party.

It is a varied line-up of happy, snappy arrangements of continental musical fare, just what Bert Kaempfert might have played in Hamburg's elegant Esplanade Hotel at a 'thé dansant' after the war, ranging from original compositions and arrangements of folk melodies to the popular "Over the Waves" so often heard during a circus trapeze act, to classical music and the "Jolly Pleasant" - instantly recognized by every piano pupil - from Robert Schumann's "Album for the Young", and Adolphe Adam's opera "Si J'etais Roi". Whether you call it cosmopolitan, a colorful mixture, a "sound" experiment, or just plain zany, the outcome is the same: music that pleases!

Against the solid beat of the rhythm section (Helmut Brusewitz resp. Carl-Heinz Greve on the bass, and Max Raths resp. Rolf Ahrens on the drums) are to be heard the terrific trombone breaks blown by Arno Schoen and the glorious guitar work of Walter Teubner. And that is not all! There is a special treat for all Bert Kaempfert fans, for the musician himself often appears as a soloist - not only on the piano but also as a brilliant clarinetist somewhat reminiscent of the two American past masters "Pee Wee" Russell and Sidney Bechet. In fact all the tunes are given an excitingly new treatment - the Kaempfert treatment!

(from original LP liner notes)

Combo Capers

domingo, 17 de maio de 2009

I'll Be Seeing You - Os Românticos Anos 40 - VA

01. I'll Be Seeing You - Ronnie Aldrich
02. I'll Never Smile Again - The Cambridge Strings
03. Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye - Frank Chacksfield
04. Red Roses For A Blue Lady - Mantovani
05. The More I See You - Gordon Franks
06. Tenderly - Mantovani
07. Stella By Starlight - Ronnie Aldrich
08. Laura - Frank Chacksfield
09. All The Things You Are - Mantovani
10. Dearly Beloved - Mantovani
11. Love Letters - Ronnie Aldrich
12. Long Ago (And Far Away) - Ronnie Aldrich
13. Someday - The Cambridge Strings
14. La Vie En Rose - Mantovani

sábado, 16 de maio de 2009

Lifetime of Romance - It Must Be Love - Various Artists

Disc 1:
  1. Unchained Melody - The Righteous Brothers
  2. Spanish Eyes - Al Martino
  3. Red Roses For A Blue Lady - Vic Dan
  4. Stranger On The Shore - Acker Bilk
  5. Release Me - Engelbert Humperdinck
  6. This Is My Song - Petula Clark
  7. Somewhere My Love (Lara's Theme From Dr. Zhivago) - Ray Conniff Singers
  8. The Girl From Ipanema - Stan Getz & Astrud Gilberto
  9. Ramblin' Rose - Nat King Cole
  10. Danke Schoen - Wayne Newton
  11. Love Me With All Your Heart - The Ray Charles Singers
  12. Blue Velvet - Bobby Vinton
  13. Can't Get Used To Losing You - Andy Williams
  14. We'll Sing In The Sunshine - Gayle Garnett
  15. All Alone Am I - Brenda Lee
  16. Sukiyaki - Kyu Sakamoto
Disc 2:
  1. Make The World Go Away -  Eddy Arnold
  2. Roses Are Red (My Love) - Bobby Vinton
  3. Ebb Tide - The Righteous Brothers
  4. It Must Be Him (Seul Sur Sun Etoile) - Vicky Carr
  5. I Love You Because - Al Martino
  6. Only Love Can Break A Heart - Gene Pitney
  7. Deep Purple - Nino Tempo & April Stevens
  8. Cherish - The Association
  9. Guantanamera - The Sandpipers
  10. An Affair To Remember - Vic Damone
  11. Since I Fell For You - Lenny Welch
  12. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me - Mel Carter
  13. Don't Break The Heart That Loves You - Connie Francis
  14. Born Free - Roger Williams
  15. Hello Dolly - Louis Armstrong
  16. Where Have All The Flowers Gone - The Kingstron Trio

Lifetime of Romance - Inseparable - Various Artists

  1. The Twelfth of Never - Johnny Mathis
  2. Let It Be Me - Jerry Butler & Betty Everett
  3. Constandly - Cliff Richard
  4. Dedicated To The One I Love - The Mamas & Papas
  5. Higher And Higher - Rita Coolidge
  6. Longer - Dan Fogelberg
  7. Annie’s Song - John Denver
  8. I Will Always Love You - Dolly Parton
  9. I Only Have Eyes For You - Art Garfunkel
  10. My Cherie Amour - Stevie Wonder
  11. Happy Together - Turtles
  12. Do That For Me One More Time - Captain & Tennille
  13. Come Bring Me Your Softness - Billy Preston
  14. Born To Be With You - Chordettes
  15. Only You - The Platters
  16. Melodie D'amour - The Ames Brothers
Volume 2:
  1. Chanson D'Amour - Art and Dottie Todd
  2. Sleepy Shores - Johnny Pearson
  3. Cara Mia - Jay & The Americans
  4. Dear Heart - Andy Williams
  5. My True Love - Jack Scott
  6. Love Is All Around - The Troggs
  7. The Wedding - Julie Rogers
  8. Love Is A Many Splendored Thing - The Four Aces
  9. My Heart Belongs To Only You - Bobby Vinton
  10. Little Green Apples - Roger Miller
  11. My Heart Is An Open Book - Carl Dobkins Jr.
  12. All Kinds Of Everything - Dana
  13. Something - Shirley Bassey
  14. Do You Want To Know A Secret - Billy J. Kramer
  15. You're My World - Cilla Black
  16. The Last Waltz - Engelbert Humperdink

Lifetime of Romance - Heartbreakers - Various Artists

  1. Without You - Nilsson
  2. A Man Without Love - Engelbert Humperdinck
  3. Broken Hearted Melody - Sarah Vaughan
  4. Crying - Roy Orbison
  5. World Without Love - Peter & Gorden
  6. Love Is Blue - Paul Mauriat
  7. I Just Donґt Know What To Do With Myself - Dusty Springfield
  8. Rhythm Of The Rain - The Cascades
  9. For The Good Times - Perry Como
  10. Sea Of Heartbreak - Don Gibson
  11. Seasons In The Sun - Terry Jacks
  12. Touch Me In The Morning - Diana Ross
  13. The Minute You're Gone - Cliff Richard
  14. The Great Pretender - The Platters
  15. I'll Never Fall In Love Again - Bobbie Gentry
  16. You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' - The Righteous Brothers
Volume 2:
  1. I'll Never Find Another You - The Seekers
  2. A Little Bitty Tear - Burl Ives
  3. The End Of The World - Skeeter Davis
  4. Only The Lonely - Roy Orbison
  5. Oh Lonesome Me - Don Gibson
  6. Both Sides Now - Judy Collins
  7. It's Four In The Morning - Faron Young
  8. It's Only Make Believe - Conway Twitty
  9. You've Got Your Troubles - The Fortunes
  10. Neither One of Us - Gladys Knight And The Pips
  11. You Won't Find Another Fool Like Me - The New Seekers
  12. I'm Sorry - Brenda Lee
  13. Let The Heartaches Begin - Long John Baldry
  14. The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore - The Walker Brothers
  15. Walk On By - Dionne Warwicke
  16. Softly As I Leave You - Matt Monro

sexta-feira, 15 de maio de 2009

As Time Goes By - Os Românticos Anos 30 - VA

01. The Way You Look Tonight - Frank Chacksfield
02. Don't Blame Me - Ronnie Aldrich
03. As Time Goes By - Mantovani
04. The Touch Of Your Lips - Frank Chacksfield
05. How Deep Is The Ocean - Ronnie Aldrich
06. The Very Thought Of You - Ronnie Aldrich
07. Thanks - Sydney Lipton
08. September In The Rain - Mantovani
09. Embraceable You - Ronnie Aldrich
10. Let's Fall In Love - Johnny Howard
11. Thanks For The Memory - Frank Chacksfield
12. I'm In The Mood For Love - Ronnie Aldrich
13. Isn't It Romantic - Mantovani
14. Stardust - Frank Chacksfield

Lifetime of Romance - Falling In Love - VA

  1. You Light Up My Life - Debby Boone
  2. She Believes In Me - Kenny Rogers
  3. For The Good Times - Ray Price
  4. Love Will Keep Us Together - The Captain & Tennille
  5. And I Love You So - Perry Como
  6. What A Wonderfull World - Louis Armstrong
  7. The Most Beautiful Girl - Charly Rich
  8. Could I Have This Dance - Anne Murray
  9. The Last Farewell - Roger Whittaker
  10. Wichita Lineman - Glen Campbell
  11. The Morning After - Maureen McGovern
  12.  I´ll Never Fall In Love Again - Dionne Warwick
  13. Where Do I Begin (Love Story) - Andy Williams
  14. I Didn´t Get To Sleep At All - 5th Dimension
  15. Everybody´s Talkin - Nilsson
  16. How High The Moon - Les Paul & Mary Ford
Volume 2:
  1. Behind Closed Doors - Charly Rich
  2. Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head - B.J. Thomas
  3. Always On My Mind - Willie Nelson
  4. Snowbird - Anne Murray
  5. Honey - Bobby Goldsboro
  6. Stardust - Nat King Cole
  7. I Love How You Love Me - Bobby Vinton
  8. Love Theme From Romeo & Juliet - Henry Mancini
  9. I'm Sorry - John Denver
  10. Through The Years - Kenny Rogers
  11. Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Ole Oak Tree - Tony Orlando & Dawn
  12. Jean - Oliver
  13. Send In The Clowns - Judy Collins
  14. The Entertainer - Marvin Hamlisch
  15. It's Impossible - Perry Como
  16. Everything Is Beautiful - Ray Stevens
Falling In Love

Lifetime of Romance - Be My Love - Various Artists

  1. Mona Lisa - Nat King Cole
  2. Are You Lonesome Tonight - Elvis Presley
  3. That's Amore - Dean Martin
  4. Moon River - Henry Mancini
  5. Love Letters In The Sand - Pat Boone
  6. Three Coins In The Fountain - The Four Aces
  7. Crazy - Patsy Cline
  8. Chances Are - Johnny Mathis
  9. Wonderland By Night - Bert Kaempfert
  10. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes - The Platters
  11. Secret Love - Doris Day
  12. He'll Have To Go - Jim Reeves
  13. Theme From A Summer Place - Percy Faith & His Orchestra
  14. When I Fall In Love - The Lettermen
  15. Jamaica Farewell - Harry Belafonte
  16. Moonglow & Theme From Picnic - Morris Stollof
  17. What A Diff'rence A Day Made - Dinah Washington
  18. Mame - Bobby Darin
Volume 2:
  1. It's Now Or Never - Elvis Presley
  2. Last Date - Floyd Cramer
  3. Twilight Time - The Platters
  4. Never On Sunday - Don Costa
  5. It's All In The Game - Tommy Edwards
  6. Tonight - Ferrante & Teicher
  7. Return To Me - Dean Martin
  8. Who's Sorry Now - Connie Francis
  9. The Way You Look Tonight - The Lettermen
  10. Tennessee Waltz - Patti Page
  11. Canadian Sunset - Hugo Winterhalter
  12. It's Not For Me To Say - Johnny Mathis
  13. You Belong To Me - Jo Stafford
  14. Harbor Lights - The Platters
  15. I Fall To Pieces - Patsy Cline
  16. At Last - Etta James
  17. Don't Rain On My Parade - Bobby Darin
  18. Greenfields - The Brothers Four
Be My Love

Johnny Pearson - Sleepy Shores

  1. Sleepy Shores
  2. Summer Of '42
  3. Today I Met My Love
  4. Londonderry Air
  5. Three Coins In The Fountain
  6. People
  7. Lazy Silhouettes
  8. Concerto De Aranjuez
  9. Morning Has Broken
  10. Green Leaves Of Summer
  11. Les Deux Marionettes
  12. Stranger On The Shore 
Sleepy Shores

Johnny Pearson (born 18 June 1925, Plaistow, London) is a British composer and pianist. He has written a catalogue of library music, and has had many of his pieces used as the theme music to television series, including 3-2-1, All Creatures Great and Small, Captain Pugwash, Mary Mungo & Midge and ITN's News at Ten (the last of which was titled "The Awakening"). He also wrote the Grampian Television start-up music "Sounds On" and the ATV startup theme "Midlands Montage", as well as music used during intervals between schools programmes on ITV.

He was pianist in the group Sounds Orchestral, who had a number 5 hit in the UK Singles Chart in early 1965 with "Cast Your Fate To The Wind". As leader of the Johnny Pearson Orchestra, he reached number 8 in the UK chart in early 1972 with "Sleepy Shores", theme from the TV series Owen MD. Pearson is also known to have composed under the pseudonym 'Oscar Brandenburg', a name he shared with Neil Richardson and Alan Moorhouse.

He was also musical director of Top of the Pops for many years until the early 1980s, conducting the programme's orchestra which provided backing for live and pre-recorded performances of current hits. In some cases, notably Althea & Donna's reggae song "Uptown Top Ranking", Pearson's versions sounded rather different from the original records. However, for some other styles of song, Pearson's arrangements and orchestrations could subtly improve on the original record versions. One example is Pearson's addition of a punchy brass backing to Amen Corner's cover version of "Bend Me, Shape Me", in the programme broadcast on 15 February 1968, which is one of the few surviving recordings of a complete Top of the Pops broadcast from the 1960s. His orchestra's version of Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love" was the theme tune to Top of the Pops for most of the 1970s.

In the United States, Pearson's best known composition is "Heavy Action", originally used as the theme to the cult BBC sports show Superstars, and subsequently adopted by ABC's Monday Night Football (the NFL's weekly nationally televised showcase) and the SFM Holiday Network. In 1989, Edd Kalehoff composed and recorded a new arrangement of this music for later seasons of Monday Night Football.

In Australia, his best known library music piece was "Power Drive," which was used as the theme for the 1969-75 police drama Division 4. This tune was also famous in the U.S. for use in some episodes of the 1967-70 cartoon series Spider-Man, as well as being the theme for Los Angeles station KNXT/KCBS-TV's afternoon movie series The Early Show for much of the 1970s and into the 1980s.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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