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As Grandes Orquestras 4 - Ronnie Aldrich And Stanley Black

01. Mozart 40 (Mozart) - Ronnie Aldrich
02. Meditação (Massenet) - Ronnie Aldrich
03. Serenata (Schubert) - Ronnie Aldrich
04. Apenas Um Coração Solitário (None But Lonely Heart) (Tchaikovsky) - Ronnie Aldrich
05. Vocalise Op. 34 Nº 14 (Rachmaninoff) - Ronnie Aldrich
06. Barcarola (Offenbach-Guiraud) - Ronnie Aldrich
07. Noturno (Alexander Borodin) - Ronnie Aldrich
08. Serenata (Mozart) - Ronnie Aldrich
09. Noturno (Chopin) - Ronnie Aldrich
10. Ária Na Corda De Sol (Air On The G String) (J.S.Bach) - Ronnie Aldrich
11. Tema Do Concerto Para Piano Nº 21 (Mozart) - Ronnie Aldrich
12. Modern Times - Smile (C. Chaplin-J.Turner) - Stanley Black
13. Chaplin Revue - Texas (Chaplin) - Stanley Black
14. City Lights - Who'll Buy My Violets (Padilla-Willemetz) - Stanley Black
15. The Kid - Morning Promenade (C.Chaplin) - Stanley Black
16. The Great Dictator - Napoli March/Falling Star/Ze Boulevardier (Chaplin-Wilson) - Stanley Black
17. Limelight Theme (C.Chaplin) - Stanley Black
18. Modern Times - Titina (Daniderff-Ronn) - Stanley Black
19. A King In New York - Mandolin Serenade (C.Chaplin) - Stanley Black
20. Chaplin Revue - Green Lantern Rag (Chaplin) - Stanley Black
21. A Countess from Hong Kong - This Is My Song (C.Chaplin) - Stanley Black

Born Ronald Frank Aldrich (15 February 1916, Erith, Kent, England - 30 September 1993, Isle of Man), the only son af a store manager, was a British easy listening pianist, arranger, conductor and composer. He was just three years old when he started playing the piano being his musical education classical. He was taught violin at the Guildhall School.

Young Ronnie Aldrich went to India to play jazz before WWII.

Ronnie Aldrich first gained fame in the 1940s as leader of The Squadronaires, up until their disbanding in 1964.

He was noteworthy for the recording development of playing two pianos in his recordings (the Decca's Phase 4 Stereo series). He recorded for The Decca Record Company Ltd in the 1960s and 1970s, moving to Seaward Ltd (his own company) licensed to EMI in the 1980s. He also regularly broadcast on BBC Radio 2 with his own orchestra as well as with the BBC Radio Orchestra, directing from the piano.

Aldrich was also widely known as the musical director for the world-famous The Benny Hill Show. He was appointed musical director at Thames Television.

Ronnie Aldrich died of prostate cancer at age 77.

Decca Discography:

Melody and Percussion for Two Pianos, Decca Phase4 PFS34007 (SP-44007) 1961
Ronnie Aldrich and His Two Pianos, Decca Phase 4 PFS4019 (SP-44018) 1962
The Magnificent Pianos of Ronnie Aldrich, London Phase 4 SP-44029 1963
The Romantic Pianos of Ronnie Aldrich, London Phase 4 SP-44042 1964
Christmas with Ronnie Aldrich. London Phase 4 SP-44051 1964
The Magic Mood of Ronnie Aldrich, Decca Phase 4 PFS4064 (SP-44062) 1965
That Aldrich Feeling, Decca Phase 4 PFS4076 (SP-44070) 1965
All Time Piano Hits, London Phase 4 SP-44081 1966
Where The Sun Is, Decca Phase 4 PFS4106 1966
Two Pianos in Hollywood, Decca Phase 4 PFS4108 (SP-44092) 1967
Two Pianos Today!, Decca Phase 4 PFS4132 (SP-44100) 1967
For Young Lovers, Decca Phase 4 PFS4141 (SP 44108) 1968
This Way "In," Decca Phase 4 PFS4152 (SP-44116) 1968
Its Happening Now, Decca Phase 4 PFS 4159 (SP-44127) 1969
Destination Love, Decca Phase 4 PFS4179 (SP 44135) 1969
Togetherness, Decca Phase 4 DDS 2, 1970
Here Come the Hits!, London Phase 4 SP-44143 1970
Close to You, London H-17156 1970
Love Story, Decca Phase 4 PFS4222 (SP-44162) 1971
Great Themes To Remember Decca Phase 4 1971
Invitation To Love, Decca Phase 4 PFS4242 (SP-44176) 1972
Come to Where the Love Is, Decca Phase 4 PFS4264 (SP 44190) 1972
The Phase 4 Stereo World of Burt Bacharach, Decca Phase 4 SPA193, 1972
Soft And Wicked, Decca Phase 4 PFS4268 (SP-44195 H-17195) 1973
Top of the World, London Phase 4 SP-44203, 1973
The Way We Were, Decca Phase 4 PFS4300 (SP 44209) 1974
In the Gentle Hours, Decca Phase 4 PFS 4329 (SP-44221), 1975
Love, Decca Phase 4 PFS4361 (SP 44253) 1975
Reflections, Decca Phase 4 PFS4377 (SP-44264) 1976
Webb Country, Decca Phase 4 PFS4397 (SP-44278) 1977
With Love & Understanding, Decca Phase 4 PFS4406 (SP-44286) 1977 (Evergreen USA)
Melodies from the Classics, Decca Phase 4 PFS 4424(SP-44300) 1978
Emotions, Decca Phase 4 PFS4436 (SP-44310) 1978

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As Grandes Orquestras 4

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