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Beautiful dreamer - Lullabies the Whole World Loves - VA

01. Brahms Lullaby - Frank Chacksfield
02. Sleep, My Little Prince, Sleep - Frank Chacksfield
03. Too Ra Loo Ra Loo Ral - Frank Chacksfield
04. Summertime - Robert Farnon
05. When You Wish Upon A Star - Frank Chacksfield
06. Over The Rainbow - Frank Chacksfield
07. Traumerie - Robert Farnon
08. Estrellita (Little Star) - Frank Chacksfield
09. Prayer - Frank Chacksfield
10. Sweet And Low - Frank Chacksfield
11. Ma Curly Headed Baby - Frank Chacksfield
12. Raisins And Almonds - Stanley Black
13. Solvejg's Song - Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
14. Beautiful Dreamer - Mantovani

Beautiful Dreamer

The golden dreamboat's ready, all her silken sails are spread, and the breeze is gently blowing to the fairly port of Bed, and the fairy's captain's waiting while the busy sandman flies with the silver dust of slumber, closing every baby's eyes.

Oh, the night is rich with moonlight and the sea is calm with peace, and the angels fly to guard you and their watch shall never cease, and the fairies there await you; they have splendid dreams to spin; you shall hear them gayly singing as the dreamboat's putting in.

Like the ripple of the water does the dreamboat's whistle blow, only baby ears can catch it when it comes the time to go, only little ones may journey on so wonderful a ship, and go drifting off to slumber with no care to mar the trip.

Oh, the little eyes are heavy but the little soul is light; it shall never know a sorrow or a terror through the night. And at last when dawn is breaking and the dreamboat's trip is o'er, you shall wake to find the mother smiling over you once more.

(Edgar A. Guest, from the original liner notes)

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  1. Farnon é um maestro & arranjador distinto dos demais; é um de meus favoritos.
    Parabens pelo bom gosto e grato por compartilhar.


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