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Billy Vaughn and his orchestra - Theme from A Summer Place

  1. Theme From A Summer Place
  2. Tammy
  3. Tracy's Theme
  4. Climb Every Mountain
  5. Que Sera, Sera
  6. The Terry Theme from Limelight
  7. True Love
  8. The Sound of Music
  9. The Three Penny Opera
  10. Some Enchanted Evening
  11. All The Way
  12. Sayonara

    Billy Vaughn's stature as a leading musician of the late '50s and early '60s comes from two areas: his position as music director of Dot Records, where he supervised recording by a score of the label's artists, and the series of highly popular singles and albums released his own name. Released in 1960 and 1962, respectively, "Look for a Star" and "A Swingin' Safari" stand today as fine examples of the Vaughn sound at its best.

    By 1960, Vaughn's reputation had spread world-wide; in addition to the United States, he was especially popular in Germany, South America and Japan. His records were for the most part unmistakably his; characterized by the twin alto saxophone leads established on his 1957 hit "Sail Along Silv'ry Moon." There had been modifications along the way - a mammoth string section on some albums; a steel guitar on 'Blue Hawaii' - but there was no way of mistaking a typical Vaughn record for anybody else's.

    Another of Vaughn's secrets was his selection of material - familiar melodies, for the most part, or at least familiar-sounding. Many were chosen by his producer, Dot Records' chief Randy Wood, who had developed an ear for the public's taste while operating Randy's Record Shop, his huge mail order operation headquartered in Gallatin, Tennessee, in the late 1940's and early '50s. (In 1957, Wood moved his entire operation to Hollywood, where he set up shop above the Music City record store at Sunset and Vine, in offices that had housed Capitol Records until they moved up the street to the Tower.)

    According to Billy's son, Richard, Billy's life was largely spent in the recording studio - the professional Hollywood studios where he recorded his Orchestra and other Dot stars, and the 24-track studio he and engineer Bunny Robyn had set up in the guest house of Vaughn's Colonial-styled home in the San Fernando Valley. "A lot of artists would come out to the house and record," recalls Richard. "Jazz groups, mariachi bands, all kinds of music. The studio was one of the selling points when Billy Davis and Marilyn McCoo bought the house."

    Otherwise, Richard continues, "He didn't do much of anything. He played golf every once in a while, and had a season pass to the dodgers. Otherwise, he was recording, working at home or in his office at Dot."

    (Todd Everett from the original line notes)

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  1. La calidad indiscutible de Billy Vaughn esta manifestada en esta grabacion, gracias por darmos tan buena musica

  2. La Musica de Billy Vaughn siempre me ha facinado, Gracias hermano.



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