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Eddie Calvert - The Best Of Eddie Calvert

  1. Oh Mein Papa
  2. The Poor People Of Paris
  3. Stranger In Paradise
  4. April In Portugal
  5. On A Slow Boat To china
  6. Love Is A Many Splendored Thing
  7. I'm Getting Sentimental Over You
  8. Sucu Sucu
  9. My Son, My Son
  10. Il Silenzio
  11. Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White
  12. Mandy (The Pansy)
  13. Around The World
  14. Forgotten Dreams
  15. My Yiddishe Momme
  16. Summertime
  17. John And Julie
  18. Little Serenade (Piccolissima Serenata)
  19. I Love Paris
  20. Zambesi
The Best Of Eddie Calvert
Eddie Calvert (15 March 1922 — 7 August 1978) was an English trumpeter, who enjoyed his greatest successes in the 1950s. Calvert had his first United Kingdom, number one instrumental single in 1954, with "Oh Mein Papa".

Albert Edward Calvert was born in Preston, Lancashire, England, and grew up in a family where the music of his local brass band featured highly. He was soon able to play a variety of instruments, and he was most accomplished on the trumpet. After World War II he graduated from playing as an amateur in brass bands to professional engagements with popular dance orchestras of the day, including Geraldo's plus Billy Ternet and he soon became renowned for the virtuosity of his performances. Following his exposure on television with the Stanley Black Orchestra, an enthusiastic announcer introduced him as the 'Man With The Golden Trumpet' - an apt description that remained with him for the rest of his musical career.

Calvert's style was unusually individualistic, and he became a familiar musician on BBC Radio and TV during the 1950s. He first recorded for Melodisc , ca 1949-1951 before he started to record for the Columbia label and his records included two UK number ones, "Oh Mein Papa" and, more than a year later, "Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White". He was the first British instrumentalist to achieve two number ones. "Oh Mein Papa" which also sold well in the United States, topped the UK Singles Chart for nine weeks (then a UK chart record), and he received the first gold disc awarded for a UK instrumental track.

Further chart entries were "John And Julie", taken from the soundtrack of the movie John and Juliet, and "Mandy", his last major hit. Other recordings included "Stranger In Paradise" (1955), "The Man with the Golden Arm" (1956) and "Jealousy" (1960). Calvert also co-wrote "My Son, My Son" in 1954 - a chart-topper for Vera Lynn. His theme to the film, The Man with the Golden Arm was banned by the BBC. Despite the fact that that this was an instrumental disc, a BBC spokesman said "The ban is due to its connectiuon with a film about drugs".

As the music industry entered the less innocent age of the 1960s, Calvert's musical renditions became less appreciated by record buyers. By 1968 Calvert had become disillusioned by his dwindling fortunes and left the UK, making South Africa his home.

He died of a heart attack in Salisbury in 1978, during a concert tour of Rhodesia. He was 56 years of age.

UK singles chart discography:

    * "Oh Mein Papa" (#1) - 1953
    * "Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White" (#1) - 1955
    * "Stranger In Paradise" (#14) - 1955
    * "John and Julie" (#6) - 1955
    * "Zambesi" (#13) - 1956
    * "Mandy (La Pense)" (#9) - 1958
    * "Little Serenade" (#28) - 1958

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Eddie Calvert was known to his many thousands of fans as The Man With The Golden Trumpet and it was an apt description....throughout the Fifties and well into the Sixties his hundreds of recordings for EMI's Columbia label brought pleasure to millions, and his records were staple diets for the BBC's old Light Programme.

His first hit "Oh Mein Papa" in December 1953 was also the first ever number one hit record to be recorded at EMI's famous Abbey Road Studios. It remained in the charts for a total of 21 weeks. In April 1955 Calvert once again soared to the top of the charts with "Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White" (succesfully revived in the Eighties by Modern Romance) and that also remained in the top for the same length of time.

Other hits soon followed including "Stranger In Paradise" and "John And Julie" (numbers 14 and 6) respectively, "Zambesi" (a top 20 hit twice in 1956), and "Mandy" (number 9) and "Little Serenade" (both in 1958).

Calvert was born in Preston, Lancashire in 1922 and his musical indoctrination came early - his father was a member of the local brass band and when Eddie was old enough, he followed in his footsteps. During the War he played with various big bands including Billy Ternent's Band at BBC Wales, and in the late Forties he toured Europe with the famous bandleader Geraldo.

Eddie Calvert made his first recordings for EMI at the beginning of the Fifties. He graduated from being the featured trumpet player on various recordings to starring in his own right as a recording artist. In late 1953 he finally made the big time when he recorded the Swiss tune "Oh Mein Papa". Calvert's record remained at number one for nine weeks beating off competition from Eddie fisher's vocal version. It also climbed to number 6 in the US, no mean achievement for a British recording act at that time.

His second hit "Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White" faced competition from Perez Prado, and in fact both discs reached number one in the British charts althought Calvert's at four weeks remained there for the longest. The melody was the theme tune for the 1955 film "Underwater" which starred Jane Russell.

Eddie Calvert continued making records for another two decades and although music fashions changed, his easy style of music remained popular with fans. In the Seventies he went to live in South Africa and it was there on August 8 1978 that "The Man With The Golden Trumpet" died at the age of 56.

His music lives on though, and this new collection features many of the melodies that became important inclusions in his enormous repertoire. Apart from his own hits there are many other standards given the distinctive Eddie Calvert treatment including "I Love Paris", "Aprin In Portugal" and "Slow Boat To China". They are all proof that his own brand of trumpet magic will never be allowed to die.

Chris White, from the original liner notes

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