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Ferrante & Teicher - All-Time Greatest Hits

  1. Theme From "The Apartment"
  2. Exodus
  3. Tonight
  4. Khartoum
  5. Smile
  6. Live For Life
  7. A Man And A Woman
  8. Midnight Cowboy
  9. Lay Lady Lay
  10. Love Theme From "The Godfather"

Ferrante & Teicher were a duo of American piano players, known for their light arrangements of familiar classical pieces, movie soundtracks, and show tunes.

Arthur Ferrante (born September 7, 1921, New York City) and Louis Teicher (August 24, 1924, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania – August 3, 2008) met while studying at the Juilliard School of Music in New York. Musical prodigies, they began performing as a piano duo while still in school. After graduating, they both joined the Juilliard faculty.

In 1947, they launched a full-time concert career, at first playing nightclubs, then quickly moving up to playing classical music with orchestral backing. Between 1950 and 1980, they were a major American easy listening act, and scored four big U.S. hits: "Theme From The Apartment" (Pop #10), "Exodus" (Pop #2), "Tonight" (Pop #8), and "Midnight Cowboy" (Pop #10). They performed and recorded regularly with pops orchestras popular standards by George Gershwin, Jerome Kern, Cole Porter, Richard Rodgers and others. In 1973, they did the opening theme music for the Rod Serling radio drama series, The Zero Hour.

The duo also had a more avant-garde side. They experimented with prepared pianos, influenced by avant-garde composer John Cage. By adding paper, sticks, rubber, wood blocks, metal bars, chains, glass, mallets, and other found objects to piano string beds, they were able to produce a variety of bizarre sounds that sometimes resembled percussion instruments, and at other times resulted in special effects that sounded as if they were electronically synthesized.

Ferrante and Teicher ceased performing in 1989 and retired in Florida. CDs of their music, some of it not previously released, have continued to appear.

Louis Teicher died in 2008.


The 1950s:

Mississippi Boogie/African Echoes (1952) Joe Davis Records
Piano Playhouse (1952) MGM E209
Hi-Fireworks (1953) Columbia CL-573
Can-Can & Me & Juliet (1954) Columbia CL-6264
Continental Holiday (1954) Columbia CL-6291
Rhapsody (1955) Urania URA-78011
Rachmaninoff Two-Piano Suites (1955) Westminster XWN-18059
Original Variations for Two Pianos (1955) Westminster XWN-18169
Ravel/Debussy (1955) Westminster XWN-18219
Encores! (1955) Westminster XWN-18786
Postcards From Paris (1955) Westminster WP-6001
Adventure In Carols (1955) Westminster WP-6021
Soundproof (1956) Westminster WP-6014
Soundblast (1956) Westminster WP-6041
Heavenly Sounds In Hi-Fi (1957) ABC ABCS-221
Ferrante & Teicher With Percussion (1958) ABCS-248
Blast Off (1959) ABCS-285 (Re-Released in the 1960s under the title We Got Rhythm)
Play Light Classics (1959) ABCS-313
Themes From Broadway Shows (1959) ABCS-336

The 1960s:

Dream Concerto (1960) UAS-6103
Dynamic Twin Pianos (1960) WWS-8504
The World's Greatest Themes (1960) UAS-6121
Latin Pianos (1960) UAS-6135
Golden Piano Hits (1961) WWS-8505
Goodbye Again OST (1961) UAS-5091
Love Themes (1961) WWS-8514
West Side Story (1961) UAS-6166
Tonight! (1961) UAS-6171
Golden Themes From Motion Pictures (1962) UAS-6210
Pianos In Paradise (1962) UAS-6230
Snowbound (1962) UAS-6233
The Keys To Her Apartment (1962) UAS-6247
Love Themes From Cleopatra (1963) UAS-6290
Holiday For Pianos (1963) UAS-6298
Concert For Lovers (1963) UAS-6315
Fifty Fabulous Favorites (1964)UAS-6343
My Fair Lady (1964) UAS-6361
The People's Choice (1964) UAS-6385
Springtime (1964) UAS-6406
By Popular Demand (1965) UAS-6416
Only The Best (1965) UAS-6434
A Rage To Live OST (1965) UAS-5130
The Ferrante & Teicher Concert-Part 1 (1965) UAS-6444
The Ferrante & Teicher Concert-Part 2 (1965) UAS-6475
For Lovers Of All Ages (1966) UAS-6483
You Asked For It!(1966) UAS-6526
We Wish You A Merry Christmas (1966) UAS-6536
Our Golden Favorites (1967) UAS-6556
A Man & A Woman (1967) UAS-6572
In the Heat Of The Night (1967) UAS-6624
Live For Life (1967) UAS-6632
The Painted Desert (1968) UAS-6636
A Bouquet Of Hits (1968) UAS-6659
Love In The Generation Gap (1968) UAS-6671
Listen To the Movies With Ferrante & Teicher (1969) UAS-6701
Midnight Cowboy (1969) UAS-6725

The 1970s:

Getting Together (1970) UAS-5501
Love Is A Soft Touch (1970) UAS-6771
The Best Of Ferrante & Teicher (1970) UAS-73
The Music Lovers (1971) UAS-6792
It's Too Late (1971) UAS-5531
Fiddler On The Roof (1972) UAS-5552
Play The Hit Themes (1972) UAS-5588
Salute Nashville (1972) UAS-5645
Hear And Now (1973) UA-LA018F
The Roaring Twenties (1973) UA-LA072F
Killing Me Softly (1974) UA-LA118F
Dial "M" For Music (1974) UA-LA195F
Greatest Love Themes of the 20th Century (1975) UA-LA101-G2
In A Soulful Mood (1975) UA-LA227G
Beautiful, Beautiful (1975) UA-LA316G
Body & Soul (1975) UA-LA360G
The Carpenters Songbook (1976) UA-LA490G
Fill the World With Love (1976) UA-LA547G
Spirit Of "'76" (1976) UA-LA573G
Piano Portraits (1977) UA-LA585G
Feelings (1977) UA-LA662G
Rocky & Other Knockouts (1977) UA-LA782G
Star Wars (1978) UA-LA855G
You Light Up My Life (1978) UA-LA908G
Supermen (1979) UA-LA941G
Classical Disco (1979) UA-LA980G

The 1980s:

30th Anniversary-On Stage (1984) Avant-Garde (Bainbridge) AVG-1001
A Few Of Our Favorites-On Stage (1985) Avant-Garde (Bainbridge) AVG-1002
American Fantasy-On Stage (1986) Avant-Garde (Bainbridge) AVG-1003
Dos Amigos (1988) Avant-Garde (Bainbridge) AVG-1004

The 1990s:

40th Anniversary-On Stage (1992) Avant-Garde (Intersound) AVG-1005
All-Time Great Motion Picture Themes (1993) 0777-7-98823-2
The Ferrante & Teicher Collection (1998) Avant-Garde (Varese Sarabande Vintage) AVG-1006

The 2000s:

The Sound Of Music (2000) Avant-Garde/Varese Sarabande Records AVG-1007
Denizens Of The Deep (2001) Avant-Garde /Varese Sarabande Records 302 066 261 2
Can-Can and Me & Juliet/Continental Holiday (2001) Sony/Collectables Records CDL-CD-6692
Christmas Is So Special (2000) 724352905720
Great 1970's Motion Picture Themes (2001) 72435-30518-2
America Forever (2002) Avant-Garde/Varese Sarabande Records 302 066 312 2

Tracks appear on:

Filme, Die Man Nicht Vergisst United Artists Records
Music To Read James Bond By United Artists Records
Dusty Fingers Volume One "Lady Love" Strictly Breaks Records 1997
Ultra-Lounge - Christmas Cocktails Part Two Capitol Records 1997
Ultra-Lounge Vol. 16 - Mondo Hollywood Capitol Records 1997
The Best Of Blue Juice Blue Note 2001
Hard To Find Orchestral Instrumentals II Eric Records 2003

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