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Bert Kaempfert - Blue Midnight And Other Fabulous Instrumentals

  1. Blue Midnight
  2. L-O-V-E (Love)
  3. Red Roses For A Blue Lady
  4. Java
  5. Almost there (from the Ross Hunter production "I'd Rather Be Rich" A Universal Picture)
  6. Lonely Nightingale
  7. Cotton Candy
  8. Three O'Clock In The Morning
  9. Free As A Bird
  10. Love Comes But Once
  11. Treat For Trumpet
  12. Goodnight Sweet Dreams
Blue Midnight
Loyal Bert Kaempfert fans will be glad to welcome another of his great albums into circulation. And by the very nature of the music in this release, Bert bids fair to add many a new fan to his following.

Who wouldn't respond to a collection of dynamically exciting instrumentals that are eminently danceable and that offer a happy blend of tested standards and bright new originals?

The songs encompass every tempo, from the happy strains of 'Cotton Candy' to the tasty and danceable arrangement of 'Love'. There's the sure-fire appeal of the familiar in such standards as 'Red Roses For A blue Lady', and the poignant, wee-small-hours nostalgia of 'Three O'clock In The Morning'. There's also the very specialized treatment you would expect from a Bert Kaempfert original on such a number as 'Treat For Trumpet'.

That glowing trumpet sound, of course, is the trademark of any Bert Kaempfert recording. And here again, the special soaring quality of the sound puts it in a Kaempfert class by itself.

Credit the talented Fred Moch, who is featured on the trumpet solos; but, most of all, recognize the distinctive touch that Bert's conducting and arranging genius lend to every number.

This is a real musician, one whose mastery of popular music is emphasized with each new recording triumph. Enjoy "Blue Midnight" and these other great instrumentals. They in the inimitable style of Bert Kaempfert - and who could ask for anything more?

(Original LP liner notes)

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