terça-feira, 15 de setembro de 2009

Music, Music, Music - Various Artists

  1. There's No Business Like Show Business - Enoch Light
  2. Cabaret - Louis Armstrong
  3. Miss Otis Regrets - Fred Astaire
  4. April In Paris - Enoch Light
  5. Autumn Leaves (Les Feuilles Mortes) - Tony Mottola
  6. Make The World Go Away - Al Hirt & Ace Cannon
  7. Moonlight Serenade - Enoch Light
  8. Medley: Somebody Stole My Gal / Toot, Toot, Tootsie - Honky Tonk Herman
  9. Cherokee - Enoch Light
  10. Because Of You - Urbie Green
  11. Fascinating Rhythm - Enoch Light
  12. My Funny Valentine - Bobby Hackett
  13. Cheek To Cheek - Enoch Light
Music, Music, Music
Some of the greatest songs ever written or performed are offered in this single unique recording.

We have selected titles of 13 outstanding compositions by various artists from the Project 3 Record company vaults. Not only as a measure of providing you with terrific entertainment, but also as a means to introduce you to additional quality recordings from our catalog of music.

From Glenn Miller's "Moonlight Serenade" (Enoch Light) to Fred Astaire's "Miss Otis Regrets" and Al Hirt's "Make The World Go Away", the diversification of talent stirs the imagination and provides the listener with nostalgia and enjoyment.

We hope this sampling of some of our music gives you an increased interest in the good music contained on all of our recordings.

(From original liner notes)

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