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Andre Kostelanetz And His Orchestra - Last Tango In Paris

  1. Last Tango In Paris
  2. Sweet Surrender
  3. Me And Mrs. Jones
  4. Clair
  5. Ben
  6. Living Together, Growing Together
  7. September Song
  8. Oh, Babe, What Would You Say?
  9. Hello Person
  10. Love Theme From "Lady Sings The Blues"
  11. Jambalaya (On The Bayou)
  12. Separate Ways

"Last Tango In Paris" is no erotic collection of X-rated melodies.

Rather, it is Andre Kostelanetz and His Orchestra and a rich blend of some of the best music of today and last night and tomorrow's mornings-after. It is also the Maestro, loyal to his traditions of taste, landing with rare precision on the intent of the compsers, radiating their emotions with rich, musical obbligatos.

Andre Kostelanetz is a continuing story. His statements have a constant warmth, a unity that is coupled with his inherent skills. And each offering, each exploration, is an intriguing production. In this album, the selections come from musch of the entire range of the contemporary musical scene.

The theme song of the film "Last Tango In Paris" is full-blown romanticism. Exotic. A "daredevil dance" that catches you up in all sorts of illusions as the orchestra sketches in the background the "city of light".

But that is only one of the wide list of highlights here. The category includes rhythm and blues hits ("Me And Mrs. Jones"), picture songs of Academy Award stature ("Ben" and "Living Together, Growing Together"), Broadway's standards ("September Song"), country tunes ("Jambalaya" and "Separate Ways" - that last is from Elvis), and a not and a song that points up the fact that the youth of the world do think that nostalgia is old hat ("Oh, Babe, What Would You Say?"). And more. The Maestro also introduces a lush, pulsating treatment of "Hello, Person", a song from a forthcoming Broadway musical. It adds a special orchestral flourish to the vibrant achievements.

This album has a particular sense of joy and excitement. The Maestro treats the music with colorful observations, with modern expression, with sly humor and subtlety. He avoids fashionable, discordant fads and controversies. He concentrates on the intent of the lyric and the melody. He is the reflector Of the emotion of the music, striving to give it new life, new reality. Succeeding with sensitive imagery.

"Last Tango In Paris" is heralded by many critics as a breakthrough in cinematic art. The visual aspects the Maestro leaves to the opinion of the movie viewer. For the listener he has extracted the total beauty from its music and added a wide exhibition of musical paintings from the hits of the day. Andre Kostelanetz - a modern master.

(Mort Goode, from the original liner notes)          

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  1. Pregunto lo mismo:
    existe alguna restricción para descargar este extraordinario disco?
    De ser así, es una verdadera lástima.

    Gracias por la atención!


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