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Bert Kaempfert - "A Man Could Get Killed" - Original Motion Picture Score

  1. Main Title (From The Motion Picture "A Man Could Get Killed")
  2. Explosive Welcome; Bi-Naveled; Key Note
  3. Beddy Bye (Strangers in The Night)
  4. Beddoes Shadows
  5. Clues Dropper; A Tape Sandwich; Rude Awakening
  6. Noted Arrival
  7. Taking De-Tour
  8. But Not Today (Sale Fish)
  9. Down To The Docks; A Deadly Game
  10. Foiled In Oil
  11. Handy Brandy; Hail The Azalea
  12. No A Go-Go (End Title)
A Man Could Get Killed
What happens when an extraordinarily talented musician, a composer-conductor such as Bert Kaempfert, attains the pinnacle of success in his field of making records? Does he sit back, fold his hands, read his complimentary reviews and wait for something new to happen? Not Bert Kaempfert!

Bert, as his fans must know, has been at the top of the popular music field for some time, with such hits as "Red Roses For A Blue Lady" and "Three O'Clock In The Morning". And with such original compositions as "Danke Schoen", "Moon Over Naples", "Bye Bye Blues" and "L-o-v-e", Bert could well afford to rest on his laurels.

Bert Kaempfert, however, believes that an unused talent wastes away and is lost. So why not use it rather than lose it? And what better way to employ it than the challenge of writing for motion pictures!

The result of this kind of thinking is a delightful motion picture score for "A Man Could Get Killed". Filmed largely in Portugal, this is a spy-comedy thriller with an internationally famous cast. Bert" highly distinctive and individualistic handling of the musical background lends just the right touch of universality to the story treatment.

The picture gets off to a fast start with an opening airport scene that Bert punctuates with his trademark sound of electric bass guitar. The web of intrigue is woven around the hero, who is innocent of any involvement in an international diamond theft but who, nonetheless, becomes entangled in the mesh of circumstances to the point of being the No. 1 secret agent for the British Embassy, in an attempt to solve the crime. Here Bert's inimitable style and flavor provide just the right sense of excitement for our hero-victim. The hilarity of broad comedy and the double-barreled enjoyment of two pairs of romantic lovers are heightened by Bert's music flair for the unique, especially the love theme, and the Portuguesesque folk melody interwoven throughout the score. Keystone cop-like chase scenes are puntuated by "action music" with great humor in this cloak-and-dagger affair.

In the end, of course, the diamonds are located, the hero and heroine are saved from the nasty villains, and true love finds a way.

Writing music for motion picture is a highly complicated activity involving split-second timings, exact underscoring for the action taking place - to say nothing of originally and the ability to create a mood required of the composer. Bert Kaempfert has succeeded magnificently on all counts and can proudly take his place with this highly select group of composers, thereby additng yet another strand to his crown of laurels.

(From original LP liner notes)

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