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Frank Sinatra with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - The Essential - Volume 1

  1. The Sky Fell Down
  2. Too Romantic
  3. Shake Down the Stars
  4. Moments in the Moonlight
  5. I'll Be Seeing You
  6. Say It
  7. Polka Dots and Moonbeams
  8. The Fable of the Rose
  9. This Is the Beginning of the End
  10. Hear My Song Violetta
  11. Fools Rush in (Where Angels Fear to Tread)
  12. Devil May Care
  13. April Played the Fiddle
  14. I Haven't the Time to Be A Millionaire
  15. Imagination
  16. Yours Is My Heart Alone
  17. You're Lonely and I'm Lonely
  18. East of the Sun (And West of the Moon)
  19. Head on My Pillow
  20. It's A Lovely Day Tomorrow
  21. I'll Never Smile Again
  22. All This and Heaven Too
  23. Where Do You Keep Your Heart
The teaming of Frank Sinatra and Tommy Dorsey amounts to one of the most significant partnerships in the history of popular music. In only two years and nine months, the entire past and future of American pop would be determined, as the greatest big band of the swing era gave birth to the most spectacularsinging career of all time. Dorsey begat Sinatra, and what incredible music they made the process!

Working with Dorsey, said Sinatra, "was a real education for me - in every possible way". The Chairman of the Board has often spoken of how much he learned from Dorsey, beginning with the trombonist's famous "long-breath" technique. In fact, Sinatra cites this as the single most important element of his own style - the one that allowed him to create such a sensation upon going out as a "single" at the end of 1942. But Sinatra learned more from Dorsey than merely how to phrase a melody - he gleaned his senses of timing, drama and much of his musical presence from the great Sentimental Gentleman of Swing.

Even apart from their historical significance, the 87 selections recorded by Tommy Dorsey and his Orchestra, with vocal refrain by Frank Sinatra, represent some of the greatest examples of pop music and jazz ever. The songs on this collection include many all-time standards, including the million-selling "I'll Never Smile Again" and "Everything Happens to Me". Many of these immediately became Sinatra classics - works he prized so highly that he would eventually re-record them later in his career. Other songs - "The Beginning of the End", "Dolores" and "The World Is In My Arms" - are obscure gems, great songs which were not played beyond their original era and are still fresh for us to enjoy 50 years later. While the band includes such instrumental luminaries as Buddy Rich, Ziggy Elman and Bunny Berigan, Sinatra's vocal co-stars include Connie Haines, Jo Stafford and The Pied Pipers.

As great as this music is and as highly regarded as it has been for the last 50 years, it's still surprising that the Sinatra/Dorsey sessions have never been assembled into one definitive edition.

Even though a 1982 six LP set won a Grammy for Best Historical Reissue, this is the first time in 52 years that anyone has evaluated every single metal part that exists in RCA's Indianapolis vault. In just over a decade, restoration techniques have so improved that THE ESSENTIAL is sonically light years ahead of any previous reissues on the label. Up to six different restorative processes have been used on each track to provide the best ever sounding Sinatra without in any way affecting the artistic integrity of the original recording.

THE ESSENTIAL is a remarkable treasure for both fans of great singing and big band music. When Tommy Dorsey and Frank Sinatra got together, they weren't only making records, they were making history.

(From the original liner notes)

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