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Tommy Garrett - The Best of The 50 Guitars - Volume 1

  1. Spanish Eyes
  2. Maria Elena
  3. South of the Border
  4. Besame Mucho
  5. Guantanamera
  6. Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White
  7. Malaguena
  8. Granada
  9. Brazil
  10. Perfidia
  11. La Bamba
  12. La Virgen de la Macarena
The 50 Guitars - Volume 1

Born Thomas Lesslie Garrett 5 July 1939, Dallas, Texas

Tommy Garrett was "Snuff" Garrett, A&R director for Liberty from 1958-1966, producer of numerous early 60s hits by white rock-n-roll artists such as Bobby Vee, Johnny Burnette, and Gary Lewis. Garrett also gave Phil Spector his first job in the business, as A&R man in New York for Liberty. He produced a series of LPs for Liberty under the name of "The 50 Guitars of Tommy Garrett," one of the least adventurous and most easy-listening guitar groups, usually arranged by Ernie Wilkins and with Tommy Tedesco as lead guitar. Garrett also produced a number of exotica recordings by "The Midnight String Quartet" and Jonathan Knight on the Viva! label.


    * 50 Guitars Go South of the Border, Liberty LSS-14005
    * 50 Guitars Go South of the Border, Volume 2, Liberty LSS-14016
    * 50 Guitars Visit Hawaii, LSS-14022
    * 50 Guitars Go Country, Liberty LSS-14025
    * 50 Guitars Go Italiano, Liberty LSS-14028
    * Maria Elena, Liberty LSS-14030
    * Bordertown Bandido, Liberty LSS-14031
    * Espana, Liberty LSS-14032
    * Return to Paradise, Liberty LSS-14033
    * Love Songs from South of the Border, Liberty LSS-14035
    * Viva Mexico, Liberty LSS-14036
    * 50 Guitars in Love, Liberty LSS-14037
    * 50 Guitars in a Brazilian Mood, Liberty LSS-14038
    * More 50 Guitars in Love, Liberty LSS-14039
    * Six Flags Over Texas, Liberty LSS-14040
    * Our Love Affair, Liberty LSS-14041
    * El Hombre, Liberty LSS-14042
    * The Sound Of Love, Liberty LSS-14044
    * The Best of the 50 Guitars, Liberty LSS-14045
    * Mexican Leather and Spanish Lace, Liberty LSS-14046
    * 50 Guitars for Midnight Lovers, Liberty LSS-14047
    * The 50 Guitars of Tommy Garrett Go South of the Border, Volume 3, United Artists UAS-5528
    * Down Mexico Way, United Artists UA-LA 123-F
    * The Way of Love, United Artists UAS-5569
    * You're a Lady, United Artists UA-LA039-F

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  1. Links have been removed sir...

    is it possible to re-upload when you have enough time.

    thank you


  2. Thank you very much for those 3 albums of Tommy Garrett...Very rare music on your blog..I really appreciate everything you do for us...



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