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Norrie Paramor - Autumn - Thirty-three Strings... and A Girl

  1. Autumn in New York
  2. Ev'ry Street's A Boulevard in Old New York
  3. November Song
  4. Autumn Concerto
  5. Love in Tower
  6. Autumn in London Town
  7. Autumn Leaves
  8. Manhattan
  9. Lullaby of Birdland
  10. Broadway Melody
  11. Penthouse Serenade
  12. Harlem Nocturne
AUTUMN MEANS different things to different people.

To some, it is orange pumpkins lying among shocks of brown cornstalks. Or a group of screaming young ladies waving pom-poms and urging an outdoor audience to cheer for the home team.

Autumn is brilliant red and yellow and mixed colors and tints, a blase of rich outdoor tapestry. It is a turkey drumstick and cranberry jelly on a plate. It is crisp, clean air with a frost that makes the earth ghostly white in the early morning.

Autumn means burning leaves in the street, putting up the storm doors and taking the screens down. It means apple cider in big gallon jugs. It means the World's Series, with 18 skilled men being watched by 50 millions of Americans over an international television web.

Autumn is the grey skies over the Army-Navy game, the return to classrooms of millions of young men, young women and teachers dedicated to their work. It is the time when clocks are turned back a full hour, when little kids wearing grotesque costumes yell "trick or treat" at front doors, when the new Broadway shows open and the easts await the reviews in Sardi's to learn if they still have a job.

Norrie Paramor is a soft-spoken young English musician who has wedded a group of favored autumn songs with a number of equally-popular New York songs for this album. He has, he says, tried to catch the feel and smell of autumn in music.

Paramor's brilliant and immense English orchestra features 33 strings and the moody, in-and-out voice of Patricia Clark.

Paramor's arrangements are in the best - the most listenable - tradition established by English musicians from 'way back. Ray Noble, Jack Hylton and Ambrose were the first British leaders to attract big attention, and sell records, in North America. Later came the distinctive styles of Heath, Mantovani, Ron Goodwin, Frank Cordell, Ray Martin, Semprini and Paramor.

"Autumn" is particularly Paramorish - Paramor fans will know the meaning of the term. The twelve tracks are the moodiest. Miss Clark floats in and out like a modern-day Ariel, tantalising and intriguing with her pure, dramatic vocal bits.

It's a great listening experience.

(From the original liner notes)

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