quarta-feira, 31 de agosto de 2011

Bert Kaempfert And His Orchestra - April In Portugal

  1. The Portuguese Washerwomen (Les Lavandieres Du Portugal)
  2. Petticoats Of Portugal
  3. Sempre Que Lisboa Canta
  4. Fadistas do Bairro Alto
  5. Fora De Portas
  6. Fado De Santarem
  7. April In Portugal (Coimbra)
  8. Tudo Isto E Fado
  9. Rosa Engeitada
  10. Fado De Vila Franca
  11. Por Deus Te Peco
  12. Nem As Paredes Confesso
The recordings on the present album, set down in 1958 in the Hamburg Musikhalle by the balance engineer Karl Hinze and typical of the popular music of the day, were originally released under the title PORTUGAL-FADO, WINE AND SUNSHINE (catalogue no. 237 506 SLPHM), but in a different coupling and even with two different covers: it was Bert Kaempfert's very first LP.

With the exceptions of The Portuguese Washerwomen (from the French film of the same name) and the evergreen April In Portugal, all the compositions are relatively unknown in this country being chiefly Portuguese in origin.

To quote the commentary on the original LP cover: "The greater part of (the pieces) is based on fados, the typical Portuguese songs which are accompanied by guitars. The fados can be heard in the authentic atmosphere of the little cafés that are mainy frequented by Portuguese.

Here, amid smoke and wine, the fados are sung by entertainers and customers alike. These haunts are found mainly in the Bairro Alto and Alfama, picturesque quarters of Lisbon, which are eagerly watching over their old tradition. Characteristic for the fados are their rich and conceivable melodies which make them highly listenable to everybody."

Bert Kaempfert's musicians are recruited from the North German Radio (NDR) Orchestra and members of the Viktor Reschke Orchestra, at that time the NDR television orchestra. The concertmaster is Herbert Rehbein, a very old friend of Kaempfert's and co-author of numerous compositions. Ladi Geisler is also not to be missed - not yet with the memorable "cracking" bass guitar but playing a normal electric guitar tuned especially low (in place of an electric bass guitar which was seldom heard in those days). bert Helsing not only plays the solo guitar but also a bandurrilha - an instrument upon which two strings are plucked simultaneously to produce a tone, similar to the mandoline (April In Portugal); further soloists include Rudi Bohn (piano) and Karl Elsner (flute). The delightfully yearning and lyrical sound of Jonny Müller on the harmonica is particularly enjoyable in the compositions Tudo Isto É Fado and Nem Às Paredes Confesso.

(Volker Rippe, from the original liner notes)

April In Portugal

Franck Pourcel et son Grand Orchestre - C'est Magnifique

terça-feira, 30 de agosto de 2011

Orquestra Tabajara - Anos Dourados - Vol. 4

  1. Siboney
  2. Perfidia
  3. Caravan
  4. Sentimental Journey
  5. Lullaby Of Birdland
  6. Here There And Everywhere
  7. El Dia Que Me Quieras
  8. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
  9. Long Ago (And Far Away)
  10. Moonlight In Vermont
  11. Al Di La
  12. And I Love Her
  13. Call Me
  14. Amapola
Anos Dourados 4

segunda-feira, 29 de agosto de 2011

Orquestra Tabajara - Anos Dourados - Vol. 3

  1. Begin The Beguine
  2. Três Lágrimas
  3. Eu E A Brisa
  4. Manhattan 
  5. Unchained Melody
  6. A Lenda Do Beijo
  7. Café Na Cama
  8. Dora
  9. El Manicero
  10. La Negra Consentida
  11. Moon River
  12. Tristeza De Nós Dois
  13. Chuvas De Verão
  14. Samba Em Prelúdio
Severino Araújo, clarinete
Jaime Araújo - Salomão, sax alto
Luiz Bezerra - Dudu, sax tenor
Gennaldo Medeiros, sax barítono
Guilherme - Onofre - Uderlei, trombones
Messier Jacques, trombone baixo
Ely - Henrique - Wagner - Maurilio - trompetes
Dario Pacheco, piano
Marcio Pereira, guitarra
Zélu, baixo
Plínio - Waltinho, bateria
Ronaldo Araújo - Ruy Mastop - Elias Ferreira, percussão
Rose Valentim - Everardo, vocalistas

Anos Dourados 3

sábado, 27 de agosto de 2011

Classic Dream Orchestra - Greatest Hits Go Classic - Neil Diamond

  1. Night Flight
  2. Sweet Caroline
  3. I Am - I Said
  4. Beautiful Noise
  5. Song Sung Blue
  6. He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother
  7. September Morn
  8. Longfellow Serenade
  9. Holly Holly
  10. Cracklin' Rosie
  11. Lonely Looking Sky
  12. Red Red Wine
  13. Let Me Take You In My Arms Again
  14. Night Flight (The Return) - Reprise
Classic Dream - Neil Diamond

quarta-feira, 24 de agosto de 2011

Novos horários no ar!

Conforme informamos anteriormente, estamos divulgando os horários de transmissão de nossa rádio.

A Silver House Webradio estará levando aos seus lares a maravilhosa música "easy listening" em horários alternativos. Anotem:

Horário diurno: Das 09:00 às 12:00h; e

Horário noturno: Das 20:00 às 00:00h

Lembrando que os horários acima (UTC-03:00 - Brasília) podem sofrer mudanças repentinas dependendo da conexão com o servidor, incluindo uma provável instabilidade da rede.

The Max Hedrom Team

As reported earlier, we are publishing the schedules of our radio broadcast.

The Silver House Webradio will be taking to their homes to wonderful music "easy listening" in alternative schedules. Take note:

Daytime: 09:00 to 12:00; and

Night Time: From 20:00 to 00:00

Remembering that the above schedules (UTC-03:00 - Brasília) are subject to sudden changes depending on the connection to the server, including a possible instability of the network.

(Translation by Google)

Que dor de cabeça!!!

Estaremos providenciando os re-uploads das postagens que foram recentemente deletadas, com exceção daquelas que envolvem reivindicações de direitos autorais infringidos.

Agradecemos pela paciência e compreensão de nossos amigos visitantes, pois essa tarefa é muito extenuante e levará, portanto, um bom tempo para ser finalizada.

The Max Hedrom Team

We will be providing the re-uploads of posts that were deleted recently, except those involving claims of copyright infringed.

We appreciate your patience and understanding of our visiting friends, because this job is very strenuous and will, therefore, a long time to complete.

The Max Hedrom Team

(Translation by Google)

quarta-feira, 10 de agosto de 2011

Novidades no ar!

A Silver House Webradio vai levar você ao mundo apaixonante das mais famosas interpretações instrumentais do consagrado gênero "easy listening", representado pelas inesquecíveis orquestras, cantores e conjuntos musicais que marcaram época. Nosso principal propósito é oferecer aos nossos ouvintes uma programação de qualidade e estilo incomparáveis.

Os horários de transmissão (UTC-03:00 - Brasília) serão alternados por enquanto e divulgados posteriormente pelo blog. Estamos disponibilizando em caráter experimental o horário noturno das 21:00h às 00:00h. Se desejarem, enviem comentários ou sugestões a respeito de nossa programação.

Portanto, acessem nosso link e tenham uma ótima audição!

The Max Hedrom Team

The Silver House Webradio will take you to the exciting world of the most famous interpretations of sacred instrumental genre "easy listening", represented by the unforgettable orchestras, singers and music groups that epoch. Our main purpose is to offer our listeners quality programming and unmatched style.

The timing of transmission (UTC-03: 00 - Brasília) will be shifted for now and later released by the blog. We are available on an experimental evening hours from 21:00 to 00:00 h. If you wish, send comments or suggestions about our programming.

Therefore, access our link and have a great audition!

Vamos dar um tempo...

Estaremos temporariamente impossibilitados de publicar nossas postagens devido a problemas de hospedagem de nossos arquivos (vários deles foram deletados por questões relacionadas a direitos autorais).

Diante disso, pedimos a compreensão de nossos amigos visitantes. Em breve voltaremos com mais novidades musicais no blog. 

The Max Hedrom Team

We will be temporarily unable to publish our posts because of problems with hosting our files (several of them were deleted for copyright issues).

Therefore, we ask the understanding of our visiting friends. Soon back with more new music on the blog.

(Translation by Google)
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