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Bert Kaempfert and His Orchestra - Live In Concert at the Royal Albert Hall, London, 1974

  1. Medley: Market Day / Gentleman Jim / Mexican Road / Happy Trumpeter
  2. Bye Bye Blues
  3. Never My Love
  4. A Song For Satch
  5. Wonderland By Night
  6. That Happy Feeling
  7. Strangers In The Night
  8. All I Ever Need Is You
  9. Blue Midnight
  10. Three O'Clock In The Morning
  11. Tahitian Sunset
  12. Afrikaan Beat
  13. Sweet Caroline
  14. Take The "A" Train
  15. I Cover The Waterfront
  16. Let Me Be There
  17. Melancholy Serenade
  18. Tuxedo Junction
  19. L.O.V.E.
  20. A Swingin' Safari
  21. Red Roses For A Blue Lady
  22. Over The Rainbow
  23. Skyliner
  24. Moon Over Naples (Spanish Eyes)
  25. Danke Schoen
  26. The Good Life (Marina)
Collectors and Kaempfert fanatics may well ask themselves as they pick up this record, how it is that this is the first live recording to proudly take its place on their shelves. Have they missed an album or two somewhere along the line, or can this really be the frist ever "Live Kaempfert" recording?

The fact is, of course, as the truly initiated will already know, that this is not only the first ever live Kaempfert recording. But what's more, the concert at which it was recorded was the first time ever in Kaempfert's musical career that he appeared with his orchestra, live before a concert audience.

Longstanding writer of hits, musician and arranger supreme, it was nonetheless a totally new experience for the "Maestro" to stand on the podium of the Royal Albert Hall on the evening of 22.4.1974 and to voluntarily welcome several thousand strangers to be present at what had for him hitherto always been a private occasion, usually confined within studio walls. An evening with Bert Kaempfert conducting his own orchestra playing many of his own compositions live before an audience was truly history making.

The titles of those compositions will speak for themselves, as will also the unique musical atmosphere generated by Kaempfert himself as he conducts, on this record, for the first time publicly.

(From the original liner notes)

Live In Concert

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