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Living Strings - Play The Music From Darling Lili

  1. Darling Lili
  2. Skäl
  3. I'll Give You Three Guesses
  4. Whistling Away The Dark
  5. Your Good-Will Ambassador
  6. Smile Away Each Rainy Day
  7. The Girl In No Man's Land
  8. Les P'tits Oiseaux (The Little Birds)
  9. Gypsy Violins
  10. Can-Can Cafe
Delightful Renditions of songs from "Darling Lili"

When a lavish new technicolor movie combines thrilling espionage, raucous comedy and bright, tuneful songs plus two sensational stars like Julie Andrews and Rock Hudson, you know it's just got to be a hit. "Darling Lili" is just that - spectacular, diversified and star-studded - and there's not a moment in it that won't be enjoyed by every member of the family.

The story, which takes place during World War I, has to do with a spirited English songstress who is actually a German spy noted for her ability to pry secrets out of the unsuspecting enemy. However, when one of the enemies assigned to her turns out to be a dashing young American commander, Lili has a little trouble keeping her mind on her work. She finds she is more interested in his romantic activities than in his war feats, and jealousy consumes her when she catches him out with a French nightclub star. Using every trick she has learned in her devious little trade, she causes him to be arrested for high treason and, needless to say, nearly blows her chances with him as well. But all is eventually forgiven and forgotten and the end of the picture finds Lili and her commander happily together.

The delightful score of "Darling Lili" is by the Academy Award Winning team of Henry Mancini and Johnny Mercer. Played here by the Living Strings, the songs take on that lush, rich sound that only the Strings can give them. Arranged and conducted by the talented Johnny Douglas, such numbers as "Whistling Away The Dark", "I'll Give You Three Guesses", "Let's P'tits Oiseaux (The Little Birds)", "Smile Away Each Rainy Day" and, of course, the title song, "Darling Lili", prove a welcome addition to the Living Strings' vast repertoire.

(Debbie Sherwood, from the original liner notes)

Darling Lili

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