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Percy Faith Plays The Academy Award Winner - Born Free and other Great Movie Themes

  1. Georgy Girl (From The Motion Picture "Georgy Girl")
  2. Somewhere My Love (Lara's Theme from "Dr. Zhivago")
  3. A Man And A Woman (From The Motion Picture "Un Homme Et Une Femme")
  4. This Hotel (From The Warner Bros. Picture "Hotel")
  5. Theme From "The Sand Pebbles" (And We Were Lovers)
  6. The Wishing Doll (From The United Artists Picture "Hawaii")
  7. Born Free (From The Columbia Picture "Born Free")
  8. This Is My Song (From The Motion Picture "A Countess From Hong Kong")
  9. Alfie (From The Paramount Picture "Alfie")
  10. Song From "The Oscar"
  11. A Time For Love (From The Warner Bros. Picture "An American Dream")

For over thirty years, the movies have been a fertile source of some of the world's greatest song hits. There was a time-before the seventh annual Academy awards presentation in 1935, the year an Oscar for Best Song made its debut - when a song's success originated either in a Broadway show, or from that musically productive area in mid-Manhattan known affectionately as Tin Pan Alley. When sound came to the "flicks" in the late Twenties, however, many songwriters moved West to lend their talents to the spectacular musicals that issued in profusion from the film capital.

Since then, motion picture producers have called upon the services of the best composers and lyricists on both sides of the Atlantic to provide songs and theme music for their films, whether musical or dramatic. Today, over thirty Academy Award-winning songs have lingered on to embellish America's and the world's musical landscape.

This year, the thirty-ninth gala Oscar-awarding ceremony was more exciting than ever. To all those present at Santa Monica's Civic Auditorium (as either spectators or as hopeful winners) and to the millions witnessing the event on television, one of the most eagerly awaited announcements was that for Best Song. And here to perform the winner and the four other distinguished Oscar nominees is Percy Faith. Percy's arrangements for his orchestra are, as you might expect, superb demonstrations of how great popular music can be made to sound greater still. As an added bonus, Percy conducts many more fine movie songs and themes, both new and recent.

Renew the pleasure you experienced when you saw these outstanding films, and rediscover the Academy Award-caliber music that helped make them memorable. Listen, and relive all the excitement of the movies themselves, and the breathtaking Academy Award presentations that honored them!

(From the original liner notes)

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