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Warren Covington and The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - Tea For Two Cha Chas

  1. Tea For Two Cha Cha
  2. Por Favor (Please)
  3. Patricia
  4. I Still Get Jealous - Cha Cha
  5. Corazon De Melon
  6. Dardanella Cha Cha
  7. Rico Vacilon
  8. I Want To Be Happy Cha Cha
  9. Together 1-2-3
  10. Trumpet Cha Cha Cha
  11. Dinah Cha Cha
  12. Cha Cha For Gia
Tea For Two Cha Chas

Every once in a while, a recording really "takes off", and skyrockets far beyond the most optimistic speculations. One of the most recent of these "musical missiles" is Warren Covington's captivating new cha cha arrangement of the popular old favorite, Tea for Two. Behind its spectacular success is a fresh new sound...a unique style that has taken the country by storm.

In this album you will hear the famous Tommy dorsey Orchestra, starring warren Covington, with a collection of sparkling arrangements played along the lines of the Tea For Two Cha Cha and the I Want To Be Happy Cha Cha - the latter showing every promise of equaling or possibly surpassing the former in popularity.

Cha Cha music has long been almost exclusively in the realm of the "too-old-to-rock-and-roll" set. That is, until Warren Covington introduced his exciting new treatment, and caught the imagination of the teen-agers as well as the steadfast cha cha aficionados. He has created a new, wider audience for cha cha music...an audience that includes practically everyone.

Warren Covington, who has idolized Tommy Dorsey as long as he can remember, was chosen to front the famous "Tee Dee" orchestra a short time after his hero's untimely death and the consequent disbandment of the orchestra. To Covington, a popular young conductor, arranger, musician and singer, his coveted place on the bandstand with the fabulous Dorsey's orchestra, "is like a dream". To his vast audience...it is quite real, indeed!

(from the original liner notes)

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