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The Melachrino Strings and Orchestra - Music For Romance

  1. My Romance
  2. My One And Only Love
  3. You and I
  4. With Every Breath I Take
  5. Be My Love
  6. I'm Always Be In Love With You
  7. I'll Take Romance
  8. Moonlight Becomes You
  9. Isn't It Romantic
  10. Love, Your Spell Is Everywhere
  11. Romance
  12. If Ever I would Leave You
Music For Romance

"A Sumptuous Concert Of Love Songs"

French champagne...a gondola in Venice...moonlight shining on the Taj Mahal. Can you think of anything that blends perfectly with all these things? Is it "romance"? Can you think of any musician who is perfectly equipped to convey an exciting sense of romance? Is it Melachrino? Well, if you have any doubts that he is the ideal romantic host, just be his guest for this silken and sumptuous concert of love songs.

The Melachrino Strings and orchestra play here an impeccably selected group of pieces which are woven into a glowing musical tapestry. Here is music to bring back memories of special to give a hint of those romantic evenings in the that will remind you of some of your favorite star personalities.

This is music of rich associations, familiar enough to bring with it, for example, echoes of the soaring voice of Mario Lanza as you hear Be My Love. The Melachrino treatment captures the thrilling melody of the song so well that you get its message even without hearing the words. Another particularly appealing tune is You And I, penned by the versatile Meredith Wilson. You probably know the lyric of this "pop" standard, but you may not have realized that he entire text of the song comprises just one complete sentence. Mr. Wilson once stated that You And I was the only popular song he knew which could boast this peculiar grammatical distinction. Maestro Melachrino does not get involved with the grammar and just says it with music.

Words are not really necessary to enjoy the romantic mood conveyed by these songs, but many listeners will find themselves automatically supplying the words as Melachrino furnishes the music. He offers you the choice of simply luxuriating in the splendid sounds he provides, or of running through the familiar lyrics to his expert accompaniment.

The titles of this album alone are enough to give any romantic hero sufficient ammunition to win his lady's heart: With Every Breath I Take...My One And Only Love...I'm Always Be In Love With You...Isn't It Romantic...Love, Your Spell Is Everywhere...If the titles seem to fit together to form a single poetic message in the moonlight idiom, just wait until you hear the single potent message Melachrino conveys through the magic of his music - the message of romance.

(Leonard Raphael, from the original liner notes)

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