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Charlie Parker With Strings - Volume 2

  1. Dancing In The Dark
  2. Out Of Nowhere
  3. Laura
  4. East Of The Sun
  5. They Can't Take That Away From Me
  6. You'd Be So Easy To Love
  7. I'm In the Mood For Love
  8. I'll Remember April
With Strings 2


Charlie Parker - alto saxophone
Joseph Singer - French horn
Eddie Brown - oboe
Sam Caplan, Howard Kay, Harry Melnikoff, Sam Rand, Zelly Smirnoff - violins
Isadore Zir - viola
Maurice Brown - cello
Verley Mills - harp
Bernie Leighton - piano
Ray Brown - double bass
Buddy Rich - drums
Joe Lipman - arranger and conductor

Charlie Parker with strings

A longstanding desire of Parker's was to perform with a string section. He was a keen student of classical music, and contemporaries reported he was most interested in the music and formal innovations of Igor Stravinsky, and longed to engage in a project akin to what later became known as Third Stream Music, a new kind of music, incorporating both jazz and classical elements as opposed to merely incorporating a string section into performance of jazz standards. On November 30, 1949, Norman Granz arranged for Parker to record an album of ballads with a mixed group of jazz and chamber orchestra musicians. Six master takes from this session comprised the album Charlie Parker with Strings: "Just Friends", "Everything Happens to Me", "April in Paris", "Summertime", "I Didn't Know What Time It Was", and "If I Should Lose You". The sound of these recordings is rare in Parker's catalog. Parker's improvisations are, in comparison to his usual work, more distilled and economical. His tone is darker and softer than on his small-group recordings, and the majority of his lines are beautiful embellishments on the original melodies rather than harmonically based improvisations. These are among the few recordings Parker made during a brief period when he was able to control his heroin habit, and his sobriety and clarity of mind are evident in his playing. Parker stated that, of his own records, Bird With Strings was his favorite. Although using classical music instrumentation with jazz musicians was not entirely original, this was the first major work where a composer of bebop was matched with a string orchestra.

Some fans thought this record was a sellout and a pandering to popular tastes. It is now seen to have been artistically as well as commercially successful. While Charlie Parker with Strings sold better than his other releases, Parker's version of "Just Friends" is regarded as one of his best performances. In an interview, Parker said he considered it to be his best recording to that date.

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