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Ray Anthony - Collectors Series

  1. A Dreamer's Holiday (Vocal by Dick Noel - 1949)
  2. Sentimental Me (Vocal by Ronnie Deauville - 1950)
  3. Count Every Star (Vocal by Dick Noel - 1950)
  4. The Man with the Horn (1950)
  5. Can Anyone Explain No No No (Vocal by Ronnie Deauville & The Skyliners - 1950)
  6. Harbour Lights (Vocal by Ronnie Deauville - 1950)
  7. Nevertheless (I'm in Love with You) (Vocal by Ronnie Deauville & The Skyliners - 1950)
  8. Autumn Leaves (Vocal by Ronnie Deauville & The Skyliners - 1950)
  9. Mr. Anthony's Boogie (1950)
  10. At Last (Vocal by Tommy Mercer & The Anthony Choir - 1952)
  11. Slaughter on Tenth Avenue - Parts 1 & 2 (1952)
  12. Marilyn (Vocal by Tommy Mercer & The Skyliners - 1952)
  13. The Bunny Hop (Vocal by Tommy Mercer & Marcie Miller - 1952)
  14. The Hokey Pokey (Vocal by JoAnn Greer & The Skyliners - 1953)
  15. Dragnet (1953)
  16. O Mein Papa (Vocal by The Anthony Choir - 1953)
  17. Skokiaan (1954)
  18. Melody of Love (Vocal by Frank Sinatra - 1954)
  19. The Peter Gunn Theme (1958)
  20. Worried Mind (1962)
  21. Telephone Interview (With Jack Wagner - 1962)
Collectors Series

What a great idea this is. There are so many people who would like to relive the years of their favorite artists, from their beginning to the present day.

A lot of the more recent albums and recordings, usually deal with more current material or styles. This valuable music that has been recorded since Capitol Records' inception might never have been heard of or remembered by a lot of interested people now.

The series that has been put together on my particular recordings was excellently done. Some of the songs, vocalists, arrangements, performances, etc., had been forgotten, even by myself. I had also forgotten the quality of the sound that Capitol was providing in the earlier days, whether it be Hi Fidelity or Stereo. I still have a vivid picture in my mind of being in Studio A with Frank Sinatra. when we recorded "Melody Of Love" together.

My introduction into the Capitol Records family started in 1949, through the combined efforts of Hal Cook, Lee Gillette, Jim Conkling, and of course, Mr. Glenn Wallichs.

It was one of the happiest periods of my career.

(Ray Anthony, from the original liner notes)

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