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Andre Kostelanetz and His Orchestra - Scarborough Fair And Other Great Movie Hits

  1. The Look Of Love (From "Casino Royale")
  2. Talk To the Animals (From "Doctor Dolittle")
  3. Laura
  4. Love Is Blue (L'Amour Est Bleu)
  5. I'll Get By (As Long As I Have You)
  6. The Bare Necessities (From "The Jungle Book")
  7. Scarborough Fair / Canticle (From "The Graduate")
  8. That Old Black Magic
  9. Stella By Starlight
  10. I'm In The Mood For Love
  11. Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing
Scarborough Fair

Asíde from the usual enormous pleasure you get from an Andre Kostelanetz album, there are some fun and games built in here, along with the sheer beauty of sweeping strings and rich orchestration.

For instance, before you read any further, see if you can name the movies that each of the songs were in. All right - how did you do? Eight out of eleven is very good and eleven out of eleven is nearly impossible because, just to make it difficult, one of them is not from a movie. At least not yet-but more about that later.

What makes for this puzzlement is the fact that many songs become standards so Iasting that you tend to forget the movies they were once a part of. Two prime examples: I'm In The Mood For Love, from "Every Night at Eight." and That Old Black Magic, the biggest tune from the Bing Crosby-Bob Hope extravaganza called "Star Spangled Rhythm."

Some of the songs will be easy to connect with a movie. They were included not to puzzle you but merely because they are great current hits: The Look of Love from "Casino RoyaIe," Talk to the Animals from "Doctor Dolittle" and The Bare Necessities from "The Jungle Book." The Iatter two are nominees for a 1967 Academy Award at this writing. And there's Scarborough Fair. from the hit motion picture “The Graduate."

The others may prove a little tougher if you are somewhat rusty on your cinema history. Laura is relatively easy as is Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing-if you remember their title is that of the movie. Who can forget Gene Tierney in the former and Jennifer Jones and William Holden in the latter.

Now things get a bit tougher. I'll Get By is from the Spencer Tracy-Irene Dunne picture "A Guy Named Joe." A rather touching morale-builder made during World War II. This one may have fooled you: Stella by Starlight is from "The Uninvited," starring Ray Mílland and Ruth Hussey. Remember?

The one song here that is not from a movie is the phenomenally popular Love ls Blue. It was one of the finalists (representing Luxembourg) in the Eurovision Contest, a TV song festival broadcast all over Europe in 1967. The main reason it is included is because it is one of the greatest songs in years-and if some Hollywood producer is smart. He will buy the title and song and build a movie around it. It is that powerful!

Throughout the album you have the big, dazzling, luminescent sound you have come to expect from Kostelanetz. By the way, his movie “sound stage" is at Columbia's 30th Street Studio in New York, famed throughout the world for its acoustical brilliance. You can hear it now.

(Gil McKean, from the original liner notes)

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    como um grande disco,que e andre kostelanetz,que
    juntamente com percy faith sao inigualaveis.
    abraços a equipe
    romelio alves de oliveira


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