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Melachrino's Magic Strings - More Light Classics In Stereo

  1. Traumerei (Schumann)
  2. Waltz Dream
  3. Take A Pair Of Sparkling Eyes
  4. Lovely Lady
  5. Poeme
  6. Last Spring
  7. El Relicario
  8. I Dream Too Much
  9. Humoresque
  10. Sand In My Shoes
  11. Two Guitars
  12. A Handful Of Stars
Light Classics

The very name "Melachrino" carries a musical ring; "Music By Melachrino" has rung throughout Britain (where the BBC Network broadcasts a radio show by that name) and the United States for a number of years.

A native of Britain, George Melachrino has spent his life surrounded by melody. When George was four years old, his step-father - a theatre orchestra conductor - taught him to play on a miniature violin. Later, he entered Trinity College Of Music where he concentrated on the study of string instruments and chamber works. Having mastered the violin, viola and cello, Melachirno directed his talents toward the wind instruments - the oboe, clarinet and saxophone, and eventually became proficient on every orchestral instrument except the harp and piano.

At the age of eighteen, he sang solos from the Savoy Hill Studios in England, having added singing to his range of accomplishments.

In 1939, George appeared with his own dance band at the Cafe De Paris in London, also broadcasting regularly for the BBC Radio Network. After several months, the gathering war clouds prompted Melachirno to lay down his baton and volunteer for duty. Assigned to the War Office, he was responsible for recording musical programs for broadcasting to British troops overseas. Promoted to musical director of the British Band of the A.E.F., George Melachrino and his musical military aggregation gained a distinguished reputation among troops and civilians alike, looking for relief from the stress and strain of wartime. Music in the Melachrino manner provided the perfect means of relaxation and respite from the noises of war.

At the close of the war, Melachrino gathered his finest military musicians around him, and launched upon a post-war musical career which has seen his name elevated to the top ranks of melodic fame. In addition to his other achievements, Melachrino is a gifted composer and arranger, working in such media as movies, radio, theatre, the ballroom, and television. In the United States, he has become particularly well-known since the war of his recordings of music in the mood tradition.

To millions of people, the magic name of Melachrino has become synonymous with beautiful music - the proof is in the listening!

(Rick Ward, from the original liner notes)

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  1. Beautiful music, But Stereo? By me it's glorious mono.

    Anyway Thanks


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