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The Broadway Stage Orchestra - Love Is Music

  1. Love Is Music
  2. Sleepy Shores
  3. Midnight Blue
  4. A Man And A Woman
  5. Annie's Song
  6. Michelle
  7. Feelings
  8. Endless Love
  9. September Morn'
  10. My Way
  11. Let It Be
  12. Speak Softly Love
  13. Ballade Pour Adeline
  14. Douce Melodie
  15. Misty
  16. Love Story
  17. Yesterday
  18. Blue Eyes
  19. Perhaps Love
  20. Ebb Tide
Love Is Music

'Love Is Music' - and so it is! The two are inextricably entwined... can't do without each other. Well nigh all songs on the lighter side of the musical spectrum revolve around the subject of love. Which is not at all surprising really considering that love is the very fountain of life. Anyone who has delved into the history of the lovesong will know that, until well into the 'Fifties, it dealt with love in a distinctly platonic context. And that accounts for the fact that, in the English-language repertoire, such a word as 'moon' was invariably rhymed with 'June' or 'soon'; while, in the French chanson, 'L'Amour' was never very far removed from 'toujours'. Indeed, generally speaking it can be said that the romantic song was primarily made up of musical notes expressed in melodious idiom and addressed to such traditional themes as love gained, love lost and (temporary) loneliness. For decor there was usually the gleaming sun, the pouring rain or the gentle moonlight. Then, shortly after the arrival of rock 'n' roll in the 'Fifties, both performers and a younger generation of composers and lyricists began to give love an increasingly erotic interpretation. the age of 'Moonlight & Roses', it seemed, had come to an end.

Since then, however, time has taught us that the purely romantic ballad did not sink into oblivion. Even representatives of the pop-music fraternity were not averse to composing tuneful love-songs, some of which have already joined the select club of 'evergreens'. Take, for instance, 'Yesterday' and 'Michelle' by John Lennon and Paul McCartney; and 'Annie's Song' by John Denver. On this selection these three numbers are to be found in the good company of 17 other love-songs, all of them performed by The Broadway Stage Orchestra under their conductor Mark Robberts.

'Love Is Music' - and whoever listens to the treasure-chest of songs presented here would not argue with that. Melodies from the 'Fifties rub shoulders with romantic numbers written a decade or so later, so that the whole collection is a store of riches varying from jazz-pianist Errol Garner's 'Misty' to slows positively seeped in atmosphere such as Morris Albert's 'Feelings', Francis Lai's 'A Man And A Woman' and 'Love Story', and Johnny Pearson's 'Sleepy Shores'.

The numbers by these composers, who largely became known through their wealth of background and film-music, are found here alongside love-songs with which great stars from the top-world made such an impact. We've already mentioned John Lennon, Paul McCartney and John Denver. But here you'll also find Lionel Richie ('Endless Love'), Neil Diamond ('September Morn') and Elton John ('Blue Eyes'). And not to forget... one very, very special song: 'My Way'. Although French by origin, it was to conquer the world, thanks to Frank Sinatra in whose repertoire it has now remained for more than twenty years.

(From the original liner notes)

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