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Nelson Riddle - The Joy Of Living

  1. Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries
  2. You Made Me Feel So Young
  3. Makin' Whoopee!
  4. Bye Bye Blues
  5. It's So Peacul In The Country
  6. The Joy Of Living
  7. It's A Big Wide Wonderful World
  8. June In January
  9. Isn't This A Lovely Day
  10. Indian Summer
  11. It's A Grand Night For Singing
  12. I Got The Sun In The Morning
The Joy Of Living

Nelson Riddle presents twelve danceable, gently swinging reasons why it's great to be alive!

Life can be especially grand when good music is a part of it. Be it humming, whistling, or the sound of a lively orchestra, music adds a special spark of joy of living.

Here, arranger-conductor Nelson Riddle displays his matchless flair for dressing familiar tunes in a restful yet zestful style, rich with that spark! Twelve melodies, alread bright with exuberance, glow anew as he takes them soaring on a carefree ride. A light, muted trumpet propels them along at times; rich strings sail them forward at others, sometimes taking the lead, sometimes singing in the background.

It all happens with gentle lift and an easy bounce-brass or strings transporting most of the melody, met now and then by a way-faring flute, a guitar, or a happy trombone that barrels along-way bellow-adding humorous bass notes.

The whole joyous trip is filled with rare imagination, an all-fun mood, and the freshest kind of Riddle ideas-all combining to make The Joy Of Living a joy to hear!

(From the original liner notes)

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  1. Thanks! i happen to have a 5-track version of this LP done for Schlitz beer in 1958 ("When you're out of Schlitz, you're out of beer"… Remember?! :-).
    It has "Know the Real Joy of Good Living" in a commercial (1:05) and a chorus (2:30) versions.


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