terça-feira, 21 de agosto de 2012

Raymond Lefevre and His Grande Orchestra - Paris In Stereo

  1. Valentine
  2. The Song From Moulin Rouge
  3. La Gaite Parisienne
  4. Mon Homme
  5. A Paris
  6. La Belle Helene
  7. La Ronde De L'Amour
  8. La Vie Parisienne
  9. Apache Dance
  10. Sous Les Toits De Paris
  11. Paris Canaille
Paris In Stereo

Um comentário:

  1. Wow ! Never heard this album before now. Thanks Vova Arks for donating this lovely album from 1959 from the infancy of stereo recordings ! It demonstrates just how good Raymond Lefevre was as an arranger and orchestra leader, even in his early years. I wonder if anyone from France still appreciates this great music in 2012 ? Anyway thanks Easy and wonderful! Cheers from Craig.


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