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Roy Etzel - Spanish Brass - The Blue Trumpet of Roy Etzel

  1. Mexican Hat Dance
  2. La Paloma
  3. Mexican Holiday
  4. Andalucia
  5. La Chachachita
  6. Ay Ay Ay
  7. La Tromba Espanola
  8. Cuando Caliente El Sol
  9. Ole O Cangaceiro
  10. Cielito Lindo
  11. Vaya Con Dios
  12. Fiesta In Rio
Produced by: Dr. Karl Heinz Busse
Arranged and Conducted by: Gert Wilden

Spanish Brass

Mr. Trumpet.
Monsieur Trompette.
Signor Tromba.
Herr Trompete.

Anywhere you go in Europe, it's the same story - the story of Roy Etzel, the trumpet player whose recording of Jenny a few years ago dazzled Europe and sent brass fans into ecstasies. Overnight he was hailed as Mr. Trumpet wherever he went...with Max Gregor's fabulous group.

"A Roman candle of sound".

And the starburst of music he set off led him to succession of feature performances on TV with Hugo Strasser. Then his solid entry into the American market with The Silence (Il Silenzio), a great album on MGM (E/SE-4330).

This Roy Etzel LP contains a fiery collection of great Spanish music...from Spain...from Mexico...from bullring and sundrenched courtyards.

The golden ringing sound and dramatic  flourishes of Spanish Brass are part of an old tradition that rings truer and sounds better than ever before when heard through the shinning bell of Roy's big-throated trumpet.

Festival music...feet stamping the hard, dry earth. Mexican Hat Dance.

Music from Andalucia...proud and ancient people.

People pouring into the streets...laughing gaily and singing...Fiesta In Rio.

La Paloma...a melody that goes deep into memory, heard through the years...always evoking Latin romance.

And, of course, La Tromba Espanola...The Spanish Trumpet.

Then, too, there's the sweet, gentle song, the tender voice, Cielito Lindo.

And, lastly, the eternal wish for the traveler..."Go with God", Vaya Con Dios.

Whenever you hear music in the Spanish tradition, you hear certain sounds: even if it is a piano playing you get the strange feeling that far off in the distance there is a guitar...a marimba...and, of course, a trumpet.

If you've ever wondered why this should be, you'll get the message from Roy Etzel. It's...well, it's a message of ecstasy, of luminous joy, of tragedy and profound sorrow. Of blood and pageantry. Of eternal loneliness, and prayer - of despair in the heat of noon, and hope in the cool blue shadows of evening.

Roy Etzel is more than a virtuoso - he has the depth of feeling, the inner reach, that leads him to search out and illuminate whatever music he plays.

He started his career with the great band of Kurt Edelhagen in 1947 when he left school to devote himself to music. He then took his own combo to France, Sweden, and Switzerland. Then, his hit record of Jenny, followed by The Silence.

And now, Spanish Brass, another facet of the exceptional talent of Roy Etzel.

(Frank Stough, from the original liner notes)

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