domingo, 16 de setembro de 2012

The Fantastic Strings of Felix Slatkin - Many Splendored Themes

  1. Bonanza
  2. Golden Earrings
  3. Spellbound
  4. Terry Theme (From "Limelight")
  5. Theme From A Summer Place
  6. Peter Gunn
  7. Love Is A Many Splendored Thing
  8. Three Coins In The Fountain
  9. Mr. Lucky
  10. Gigi
  11. Green Leaves of Summer
  12. Around the World
Many Splendored Themes

Many Splendored Themes has tapped the richest vein of contemporary American music - the theme music created by some of our finest composers, many of whom are Academy Award winners.Their names - Lerner-Loewe, Tiomkin, Cahn-Styne, Fain-Webster, Victor Young, Livingston-Evans, Henry Mancini and Discant-Steiner - read like a preferred page in a musical Who's Who. Their music continues to intrigue a loyal public long after the sound stages are cleared and theaters emptied.

Add to this renowned group composer-conductor Felix Slatkin, his fantastic string orchestra, and the memory-provoking titles included in this album and you have one of the finest records ever produced in Hollywood.

You'll enjoy reliving the exciting and sentimental moments of Hollywood's best film efforts as Slatkin batons his talented intrumentalists through classic interpretations of Green Leaves of Summer, Three Coins In The Fountain, Around The World, Love Is A Many Splendored Thing, Golden Earrings, Theme From Limelight, Gigi, Theme From A Summer Place and the outstanding television themes from Mr. Lucky, Peter Gunn and Bonanza.

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(From the original liner notes)

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  1. Thanks, Max, for this selection. God Sunday Slatkin for me!

  2. Slatkin never disappoints. Thanks for sharing this album.


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