quarta-feira, 17 de outubro de 2012

Enoch Light & The Light Brigade - The Private Life of A Private Eye

  1. The Private Life of A Private Eye
  2. The Gang at the Green Grotto
  3. Harry's Hide Out
  4. Dirty Work Underfoot
  5. Frenchy's Tune
  6. Harlem Hot-Shot in A Hurry
  7. Blonde Bombshell
  8. Mess in Morocco
  9. The Creep
  10. Serenade for A Sweet Babe
  11. Living on A Borrowed Time
  12. Gum Shoe Lullaby
The Private Life

3 comentários:

  1. One of the first LPs I ever downloaded on line many years ago. Nice to have a better quality copy...Thanks!!!

  2. it not Charles rip. Watch tags!!! (Ice Musical Programs digitized)
    Osvaldo be more attention

    1. Most posts published on the blog are made based on phonographic material yielded by our loyal employees who are part of our team. We have no liability whatsoever about the provenance of a particular recording, much less about who did or did not any digitalization. Just checked the quality of the audio material sent to our followers can enjoy Engraving presented. Do not have the least interest in claiming authorship of any work done by someone. The Max Hedrom Team


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