quarta-feira, 28 de novembro de 2012

Ray Ellis and His Orchestra - The Best of Peter Gunn

  1. Peter Gunn
  2. Walkin' Bass
  3. A Profound Gass
  4. Goofin' At The Coffee House
  5. The Floater
  6. Dreamsville
  7. Fallout
  8. The Brothers Go To Mothers
  9. Joanna
  10. Not From Dixie
  11. Sorta Blue (s)
  12. Soft Sounds
The Best of Peter Gunn

4 comentários:

  1. Mr. Max: Could you be so kind and please give us the 2 links of the other Ray Ellis on your blog "In Wonderland" and "Let's Get Away..". Thank you very much, Luis.

  2. The links are working now. Thanks for visiting our blog. The Max Hedrom Team

  3. Dear Mr. Max: Thank you so much for the rips. By the way, due yo have so much and wonderful collection, don't you have "Why Say Goodbye" by Andre Popp & "And I Love Her" by George Martin ?
    If you have or know about them, hope someday you can share with your followers. Best regards, Luis.


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