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Igor Krutoy - Favorites Without Words

  1. Whole World Is Love
  2. When I Close My Eyes
  3. Song About Friend
  4. Song About Friend (rmx)
  5. Sad Angel
  6. Eyes Of Love
  7. You Are In My September
  8. When I Sleep
  9. A Dream Seen In A Dream
  10. Cocktail Of Different Women
  11. I Like Rain
  12. Tenderly
  13. Ballerina
  14. Angels' Gulf
  15. Carnival Of The Wild World
  16. A Lullaby For Sashen'ka
  17. Autumn Sonate
Favorites Without Words

Igor Krutoy was born on July 29, 1954, in Haivoron (Kirovograd oblast). When a child, he taught himself to play the accordion, and then played together with the school band. Igor studied at the musical school, and after graduation he entered the Theory faculty at Kirovograd music college, that he graduated with distinction in 1974. He failed to enter the Kiev Conservatory and spent the following year in giving accordion classes in Haivoron and Bandurovo village. In a year Igor entered Nikolaev State Pedagogical Institute at conductor (choral music) department, and having studied there, he worked in restaurants, where he met singer Aleksander Serov, who later will become his friend and will be performing many of his songs. During that period Igor Krutoy worked also as the artistic director of Valentina Tolkunova band and was giving performances accompanying famous Russian actor Yevgeny Leonov.

In 1979, he was invited to Moscow Concert Orchestra "Panorama", where he worked together with such famous artists, as Leonid In 1986 Igor Krutoy finally managed to enter the Saratov Conservatory, the composer department. In parallel, his friend, popular singer Aleksander Serov, was winning international competitions with Igor Krutoy songs "Inspiration" and "In Fate's Despite".

In 2012, Igor Krutoy became the chairman of and a shareholder of Net Element following a $2 million investment into the company. The joint venture culminated with the launch of, expected to become the online centerpiece of Krutoy’s music enterprise and the online music market leader in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries.

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