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Mantovani and His Orchestra - The Mantovani Touch

  1. On a Clear Day You Can See Forever
  2. Alfie
  3. Release Me
  4. A Man and a Woman
  5. Almost There
  6. What Now My Love
  7. Edelweiss
  8. A Day in the Life of a Fool (Manhã de Carnaval)
  9. My Cup Runneth Over
  10. Days of Wine and Roses
  11. The Impossible Dream
  12. Puppet on a String
The Mantovani Touch

If the word "institution" conjures up bleak images - drab walls, long, narrow corridors and the like, this album is going to add fresh meaning to the term. For Mantovani is an institution, but he does not sit still. He could very easily have rested on his reputation like a cold marble statue on a pedestal. The difference is that Mantovani is an artist (a word not to be used lightly), a colorful one. His delight in music comes across to the listener, his continuing search for beauty and perfection makes him grow in artistry. The "Mantovani Sound", its lushness, its lyric warmth, is unique, immediately recognizable. Yet no one can imitate him (they try) and sound like him. There is a Mantovani Touch, but no Mantovani Formula. He could give a course in musicianship, but it wouldn't be three-easy-steps-to-gorgeous-sound.

Mantovani is not only universally loved, he is a universal artist in a deeper sense. The range of his repertoire is incredible; a look at his catalogue is like a brief History of Music. Now, with this album, he shows that there is always some growing one can do even when one is already tall, there are always exciting new sounds to explore when one's ears and heart are open. These songs are contributions to the music of today, representing a new breed of young, brilliant composers. A musician such as Burt Bacharach ("Alfie") creates melodies as lovely as any of the past but is unhampered by the straight-jacket of won-out harmonies. All these songs do not have to stand the test of time to be called "classics". Just listen to what Mantovani does with the loveliness of the melodies and the refreshing new spectrum of harmonies. The Mantovani Touch is untouchable.

(Carol Lee Symonds, from the original liner notes)

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  1. There's a very nice selection of songs on this album and I'll very much look forward to enjoying it. Thanks for sharing.


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