quarta-feira, 27 de fevereiro de 2013

Music for TV Dinners - The 60's - Various Artists

  1. Disc a Go Go - Syd Dale
  2. Pop Promotion - Gerhard Narholz & Jurgen Jaenner
  3. The Free Life - James Clarke
  4. The Riviera Set - Syd Dale
  5. Shopping Centre - Manfred Minnich
  6. Piccadilly Night Ride - Alan Hawkshaw & Keith Mansfield
  7. Party Shaker - Wolfgang Kaltenbach
  8. Rio Magic - Neil Richardson
  9. Beauty Parade - Syd Dale
  10. Holiday Commercial - Alan Hawkshaw
  11. Sporting Highlights - Keith Mansfield
  12. Convenience Shopping - Alan Hawkshaw
  13. Mexican Ding Dong - Syd Dale
  14. Chase That Car - Laurie Johnson
  15. Roses Today - Johnny Scott
  16. Pop March - Johnny Pearson
The 60's

2 comentários:

  1. Dear Mr. Max: THANK YOU so much for this rip; due you have so great music collection I take the opportunity to ask you for Chaquito's "El Bandido" rip. If you have it, once again will be great your help. Best regards, Luis.

  2. I have one or two TV Dinner recordings, but am not sure if this is one. So just in case this is a new one to me, thanks for posting.


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