domingo, 24 de março de 2013

The Benny Goodman Story - Original Soundtrack

  1. Down South Camp Meetin'
  2. And the Angels Sing
  3. Goodbye
  4. Sing, Sing, Sing
  5. Shine
  6. One O'Clock Jump
  7. Bugle Call Rag
  8. King Porter Stomp
  9. Let's Dance
  10. Don't Be That Way
  11. It's Been So Long
  12. Sometimes I'm Happy
  13. Goody Goody
  14. Avalon
  15. Moonglow
  16. Alicia's Blues
  17. Memories of You
  18. China Boy
  19. Seven Come Eleven
The Benny Goodman Story

This is an amazing recording from 1955 that features Benny with an all-star studio orchestra featuring Harry James, Lionel Hampton, and Ruby Braff. These re-recordings of some of Benny's most famous songs are stunning replicas of vintage 1930s style swing a la Fletcher Henderson as they were meant to be heard, in clear, brilliant Hi-Fi sound. Some of these arrangements even come close to surpassing the original recordings, such as "Down South Camp Meetin'" (with the driving bass line provided by George Duvivier propelling the whole thing). Also, Benny himself sounds fresh and inspired in this session, playing with more fire and energy than in any other of his fifties recordings. Just one drawback, Bobby Donaldson and Don Lamond fail to capture the Krupa magic with their drumming as evident by "Sing, Sing, Sing" (Donaldson) and "Don't Be That Way" (Lamond). Wouldn't it have been great if Gene Krupa would have been present at this session with Goodman and James as he was in the film version? Nonetheless, this is a must-have album, one that documents his real contribution to jazz. 


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