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Esquivel and His Orchestra - Other Worlds, Other Sounds

  1. Granada
  2. Begin the Beguine
  3. Night and Day
  4. Poinciana
  5. Playfully
  6. Adiós
  7. That Old Black Magic
  8. Nature Boy
  9. Magic Is the Moonlight (Te Quiero Dijiste)
  10. Speak Low
  11. Ballerina
  12. It Had to Be You
Other Worlds, Other Sounds

Other Worlds Other Sounds may be the best known Esquivel album because of its sensational jacket art portraying a red-caped woman prancing across a green planetary landscape. Its real significance is as the moment where Esquivel takes control of his production and develops his signature sound. The chorus (the Randy Van Horne Singers) begins the "zu zu zu" nonsense beloved by Esquivel fans, and the playfulness with stereophonic separation begins here. But the material is not his best. "Ballerina" and "Night and Day" are cheesy, while most of the album seem like slow song outtakes from To Love Again. It is a different mood, one that never really hits its stride until the closing track: the astounding arrangement of "It Had to Be You." This is the promise of the future.  

(By Tony Wilds from allmusic.com)

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