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Al Hirt - Honey in the Horn

  1. I Can't Get Started
  2. Java
  3. Man with A Horn
  4. Tansy
  5. Night Theme
  6. Talkin' Bout That River
  7. Fly Me to the Moon (In Other Words)
  8. To Be in Love
  9. Al Di La
  10. Malibu
  11. Theme from A Dream
  12. I'm Movin' On
Honey in the Horn

Honey in the horn - a trumpet of incredible sweetness - a lovely vocal group

HONEY IN THE HORN not only features a smooth and soulful vocal backing to Al Hirt's mellow trumpet, but is also Big Al's first album recorded in Nashville, Tennessee. Nashville is "Hitsville", the town that has given a country sound to pop music and flooded best-seller charts with hits.

But, perhaps better than anything else, an anecdote from one of the recording sessions will convey the feeling of what is in this album.

On one date, Al was scheduled to do I Can't Get Started, a perennial that most knowledgeable musicians feel should be left alone after Bunny Berigan's incomparable rendition. Especially wary was Louis Nunley, a member of the vocal chorus and a good trumpet player himself. When behemoth Hirt finished with that fine song, however, Nunley sat down and said, "I'll never pick up my horn again".

Besides his treatment of I Can't Get Started, trumpeter Hirt has given another milestone performance with another standard, Fly Me to the Moon. You'll agree that Al's version is pure poetry.

Al's instrumental support on this album consisted of some of Nashville's most heralded personnel: pianist Floyd Cramer, Boots "Yakety Sax" Randolph, Bob Moore on bass, Grady Martin and Ray Edenton on guitar, and-of course-the wonderful Anita Kerr Singers who provided Hirt with the first vocal backing to be used on any of his records. Anita also wrote the arrangements.

Everyone present at the sessions observed that as the album neared completion, there emerged a higher and higher exchange of respect and admiration between Big Al and the crew. This discerning group of musicians was, in short, impressed by Hirt's talent. And why not? Creations rests on inspiration. And Al's capacity for inspiration is as oversized as his physical frame.

(Anne L. Freels, from the original liner notes)

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