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The Melachrino Strings and Orchestra - Music for Relaxation

  1. Berceuse de Jocelyn
  2. Autumn Leaves
  3. While We're Young
  4. Star Dust
  5. Portrait of a Lady
  6. Valse Bluette
  7. By the Sleepy Lagoon
  8. La Golondrina / The Swallow
  9. La Serenata
  10. Moonlight Serenade
  11. Vision d'Amour
  12. Estrellita
Music for Relaxation

It's time to relax. Let the big automobiles crawl along, bumper-to-bumper; let the airplanes drone overhead; let the trains rattle along the rails.

It's time to relax. To go loose all over.

Read the titles of the songs in this album, By the Sleepy Lagoon ...isn't that restful? Vision d'Amour... doesn't that feel good? Autumn Leaves... feeling drowsy?

There are lots more... twelve in all. And all equally soothing.

But you'll find that these are songs done in a manner to aid you in relaxation - not put you to sleep. They are lushly orchestrated and played by the Melachrino Strings and Orchestra in soft billows of sound.

This is music, too, for soft romance... first gentle hand-holding... music for just sitting and thinking about some day soon... music you can hum a few strains of, then sink back and let the orchestra do the rest.

In some far-off countries, people relax by standing stiff as ram rods, or by easing themselves onto a bed of nails, or by hanging from trees by their bent knees. Listening to Melachrino's superb essays on familiar themes certainly seems much more civilized.

A farmer may relax by leaning on the handle of his hoe and staring out over a field of softly swaying wheat; a plumber may relax by wedging his monkey-wrench into a firm position and sagging his weight onto the handle; a schoolteacher might rest a bit by giving her class a writing exercise while she unwinds to the steady whirring of the pupils' pencils.

Listening to this music is much easier.

And, if your phonograph can play it over and over again, you will be as loose as ashes by dinner time.

This recording is an excellent one for children. Its purpose with youngsters is two-fold: by listening, they are exposed to excellent music, stirringly played; and they are soothed into a lulling sense of security and rest. This latter purpose is extremely valuable following a hard day of play.

For anyone with half a musical ear, this album is worth its weight in blue-chip securities during the working day. All you have to do to still your jangled nerves is close your eyes a moment, hum one of the themes to yourself, and then imagine the rich swirl of the Melachrino Strings embellishing the theme. It can carry you through even the most staccato day.

But the best part of it all is, it's a record you'll want to play over and over for the music as well as the therapy.

And you don't hardly ever get that kind anymore these days.

(Ferris Benda, from the original liner notes)

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