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Si Zentner and His Orchestra - Play Desafinado - The Bossa Nova Beat!

  1. Desafinado
  2. Maria
  3. Quizas Quizas Quizas (Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps)
  4. Speak Low
  5. Midnight Sun
  6. Goza Goza
  7. Bernie's Tune
  8. Oso Blanco
  9. Come Closer to Me
  10. Star Eyes
  11. Lisbon Antigua
  12. Caravan

Again and again the United States becomes indebted to Latin America for new dance rhythms. There was the tango, the rhumba, and the conga, which were followed by the mambo, the cha cha, the merengue, and the pachanga. Now comes a new rhythm, the bossa nova, which looks to be a sensation comparable to the greatest of the previous ones.

However, the bossa nova is unique in that it combines a jazz element - one thatis an integral part of the rhythm itself. In fact, the bossa nova beat has been described as a "jazz samba". (The words themselves, however, translate idiomatically to "new wrinkle", which it certainly is. It started in Brazil as a combination of North American jazz music and Afro Brazilian rhythms. American jazz musicians returning from Rio brought back this exciting music form and have been adding ideas of their own ever since.

The title tune, "Desafinado", was written by Antonio Jobim, who also co-composed the score to the award-winning film "Black Orpheus", which is the first film to date to utilize this new music form in its score. Incidentally, the word "Desafinado" means "out of tune" or "out of step", neither of which is the case in this recording.

With this LP, Si Zentner has given to the bossa nova beat the sound of the big band, which provides a fresh new framework for this exciting rhythm. A big band has tremendous resources of sound combination, which allow new ideas of harmony and orchestration to combine with the exciting bossa nova rhythm. Si Zentner has taken the fullest advantage of these potentialities and has thus created one of the finest innovations in dance music in recent years.

The Si Zentner band has achieved a measure of acceptance which is phenomenal. This acceptance can be measured not only by his many successful Liberty albums but also by numerous awards, such as: "#1 Favorite Band" and "#1 Most Played Band On Radio" (Billboard Magazine); "#1 Most Played Band" (Cash Box Magazine); "#2 Record Of The Year", for which he won a National Academy of Recordings Arts and Sciences "Grammy" award - all of this within one year.

Thus, Si Zentner's popularity is a well established fact. Also well established is the fact of his versatility, which is demonstrated not only by this very LP which you are holding, but by exciting albums in a variety of musical concepts, as you can judge for yourself in these popular Liberty albums:

Exotica Suite (with Martin Denny)

Great Band with Great voices Swing / The Great Voices of the Great Bands (with The Johnny Mann Singers)

Great Band with Great Voices (with The Johnny Mann singers)

(From the original liner notes)

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  1. Meu amigo Max, favor verificar a qualidade do som desta postagem maravilhosa, acredito que esteja com defeito, obrigado.

  2. Ok, fizemos uma re-masterização mais detalhada na qualidade do som, principalmente na finalização de cada música. Esperamos que agora esteja satisfatório. Obrigado pela observação.

  3. Dessa vez conseguimos um novo material e, pelo que pude verificar, está tudo funcionando perfeitamente. Obrigado novamente


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