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Living Strings - The Sweetheart Tree and Other Film Favorites

  1. The Sweetheart Tree
  2. Love Theme from The Sandpiper
  3. What's New Pussycat
  4. Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte
  5. Theme from Zorba The Greek
  6. Theme from A Summer Place
  7. Ship of Fools
  8. Time
  9. Forget Domani
  10. Lonely Girl
Sweetheart Tree

In just the last few years, movie music has come "of Age". Musical themes often serve to introduce a new film to the public and frequently "the melody lingers on" long after the picture is no longer recalled. Recent motion picture themes in particular have demonstrated the stardust melodic quality that's made them memorable as part of each film's success. Several of these are presented here in all their thrilling beauty by the Living Strings.

Leading the parade of these varied instrumental interpretations is The Sweetheart Tree from "The Great Race". Written by Academy Award-winning composer Henry Mancini, this delightful tune from a gay Mancini score reflects the love interest of the fabulous comedy which stars Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis and Natalie Wood.

"Harlow" is the poignant story of Hollywood's legendary enchantress (portrayed on the screen by Carroll Baker) and Lonely Girl, the picture's theme song, hints forlornly of the tragedy and unhappiness that plagued her life.

The Shadow of Your Smile from "The Sandpiper" reflects the romantic enchantment of the film starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

"Ship of Fools", the best-selling novel by Katherine Anne Porter, came to life on the screen with an all-star cast (including such brilliant performers as Vivien Leigh, Simone Signoret and Jose Ferrer) and the breathtaking theme presented here.

Bette Davis and Olivia de Havilland were seen in the suspense-shocker "Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte" against a background of melodic and haunting underscoring. The title tune contributed to the unfolding of the story and became a hit song that won an Academy Award nomination for 1964.

Dorothy McGuire, Troy Donahue and Sandra Dee brought "A Summer Place" to the screen several years ago, but, despite the span of time, the film's lilting theme has retained its popularity and is now practically a standard among motion picture hits.

What's New Pussycat? is a bouncy, happy number from the film of the same name, which stars Peter Sellers as a zany, Viennese psychiatrist and Peter O'Toole as a totally devastating ladies' man.

Anthony Quinn's portrayal of "Zorba the Greek" has been cited as one of the most stirring accomphlishments in motion picture history, and the picture's theme served as pulsating accompaniment to his outstanding achievement.

Forget Domani is a bright, happy-go-lucky piece of philosophy set to music for "The Yellow Rolls-Royce", the picture which broke records at Radio City Music Hall with its glittering array of starts including Rex Harrison, Shirley MacLaine and Ingrid Bergman in a trilogy of fun and romance.

Time was written especially for the Dana Andrews science-fiction thriller, "Crack in the World", by Johnny Douglas, who scored the film and its also responsible for the versatile arrangements and the conducting of this Living Strings album.

Thanks to the talent of Johnny Douglas and the interpretations of the Living Strings, these movie themes are more memorable than ever.

(Debbie Sherwood, from the original liner notes)

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