terça-feira, 10 de setembro de 2013

Les Brown & His Band of Renown - Revolution in Sound

  1. Calcutta
  2. Little Brown Jug
  3. Man with A Horn
  4. Moulin Rouge
  5. Music Makers
  6. One O'Clock Jump
  7. Patricia
  8. Peter Gunn
  9. Stompin at the Savoy
  10. The Man with the Golden Arm
  11. This Could Be the Start of Something
  12. Unchained Melody
Revolution in Sound

This was an interesting (if not wholly successful) concept album in its time -- utilizing stereo and some studio trickery, Les Brown and his band essentially emulate the kind of dance band showcase that one would have experienced in the 1930s, with a revolving bandstand. The result is that a piece fades as the platform "revolves" and the next outfit comes up, with its selection. It's hokey and silly, but it was something different in the use of stereo circa 1962, when such details mattered to a lot of potential record buyers. And the juxtaposing of pieces such as "The Man with the Golden Arm," "Unchained Melody," "Stompin' at the Savoy," and "One O'Clock Jump" allows Brown and company to show off their range (and that of the arrangers) to great effect, and the hi-fi sound is still mighty impressive. 

(By Bruce Eder from allmusic.com)

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