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Living Strings - Ebb Tide and Other Favorites - Arranged and Conducted by Johnny Douglas

  1. Ebb Tide
  2. My Way of Life
  3. Dream A Little Dream of Me
  4. Someone to Watch Over Me
  5. The Impossible Dream (The Quest)
  6. Around the World
  7. Poor Butterfly
  8. It's the Last Time
  9. The Music Played (Was Ich Dir Sagen Will)
  10. La Mer
Ebb Tide

White-capped waves splashing rhythmically against a lonely, deserted shore. White-winged seagulls sailing gracefully in a misty, blue-gray sky. The sun slowly setting to the lulling music of the roaring tide. The sights and sounds of the sea. Who doesn't long to see and hear them at times? Who wouldn't enjoy listening to lush instrumentals with the sounds of the sea as background accompaniment? If you're lucky enough to live near the water, you can indulge in this luxury often. If you're not that lucky, you can still indulge in it -  with the help of this beautiful new Living Strings album.

The Living Strings have long been known and loved for their rich, beautiful sound. Here an organ has been added, which even further enhances their fullness and depth as they play music which suggests splashing waves and lonely shores.

Each of the songs you'll hear are naturals for this kind of album. Songs of the sea, such as Ebb Tide and La Mer have never been played with more feeling. Some of the other songs included were not written as sea music, but as played here against background sounds of rolling waters and overhead gulls, they drift right in with the tide.

Some of these songs are new, like the Sinatra tune My Way of Life and The Impossible Dream, from the hit show "Man of La Mancha", and some are easy-listening favorites like The Music Played and Around the World. Others are old songs with a new aspect, such as Poor Butterfly, which was in the recent film "Throughly Modern Millie", and Someone to Watch Over Me, as sung in the current motion picture "Star!" As played here each song takes on a brand-new dimension and possesses a certain kind of loveliness never before brought out.

Whether you like to look at the sea, listen to the sea or merely dream of the sea, "EBB TIDE" AND OTHER FAVORITES is an album to satisfy your most thoughtful moments.

(From the original liner notes)

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