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Andre Kostelanetz - Never Can Say Goodbye

  1. Never Can Say Goodbye
  2. My Own Best Friend
  3. Theme from "Chinatown"
  4. One Day in Your Life
  5. Violets and Silverbells
  6. Maiysha
  7. At Long Last Love
  8. Smile, Smile, Smile
  9. Richard's Window (From "The Other Side Of The Mountain")
  10. Theme from "Prisoner of Second Avenue"
Never Can Say Goodbye

"Inspired choice", "proper focus", "unfailing sensitivity", "profound concern", "graceful description". those are some of the statements that critics and observers of the music scene these past few seasons have made about the personal style and standards of Andre Kostelanetz. There have been countless more - "innovative studies", "built-in excitements... consummate artistry", "narrative flow", "singular experience" - affectionate tributes that glow with warmth and feeling. All underscore the simple fact that the Maestro's private objectives have become public joys.

Andre Kostelanetz is a special effect. From current hit songs through Broadway tunes to motion picture themes he transforms popular melodies to illusionary expressions. He paints dark tones and light on period pieces. He takes longshots and close-ups and changing moods. He adds decorative details and significant features. Through it all, with expert care and feeding, he reflects accurately the fundamental message of the composer. The Maestro makes it easy to imagine the scenario.

The selected programming in this album reflects the versatility of the Maestro. Take notice of his and producer Macero's choice of arrangers. All are Broadway or Hollywood experienced, all familiar with the Kostelanetz conception of musical color and his quest for subtle change. To it all he stirs in his own dynamic shifts, his own local colors and little inventions.

Look down the preferred list of material included here. Never Can Say Goodbye has been a hit song several times. Most recently it was a disco smash by Gloria Gaynor. The arranger of that record was Harold Wheeler, who contributed this new version. My Own Best Friend and Theme from "Prisoner of Second Avenue" are Homer Dennison arrangements with just touches of that memoried Claude Thornhill sound, reeds over French horns. Jack Pleis is a noted motion picture arranger. Jim Tyler was one of the arrangers of the recent Broadway show "Over Here". Eddie Sauter is the Eddie Sauter. And Bobby Scott, who scored the Miles Davis Maiysha, is the composer of A Taste of Honey and He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother.

This album is contemporary Kostelanetz. Songs from today's movies, Broadway shows and "hit lists". All have a special element called melody. All are in the mainstream of modern times, with emotional long-run features. The Maestro celebrates their pleasures.

(Mort Goode, from the original liner notes)

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