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Ray Anthony - Plays Steve Allen

  1. Baby, But You Did
  2. Roll 'Em Around
  3. South Dakota
  4. This May Be the Time
  5. Every Dog Has His Day
  6. A Lavender Mood
  7. Mr. Moon
  8. Indubitably
  9. You're the One for Me
  10. Why Should I Worry
  11. Why Don't You Want to Come Home
  12. You Gotta Get Lucky Sometime
  13. Room 43
  14. Fall Out
  15. Kukie Bird
  16. Dark Eyes
  17. Peter Gunn
  18. Wrong Number
  19. 707
  20. Swanee River
  21. Fly Now, Pay Later
  22. Bunny Hop Rock
  23. Rock-Umba
  24. Walkin' to Mother's
  25. Stockholm Blues
  26. Dreamsville
  27. Bunny Hop
  28. The Hokey Pokey
Plays Steve Allen

This edition of Lonehill Jazz's two-fer series features a pair of LPs by trumpeter and bandleader Ray Anthony: "Plays Steve Allen" and "Like Wild", originally issued in 1958 and 1959. Collectors should track this down for the four bonus tracks originally released as singles, "Stockholm Blues", "Dreamsville", "The Bunny Hop", and "The Hokey Pokey." 

(By Al Campbell from

The Composer
(1921 - 2000)

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