quarta-feira, 8 de julho de 2015

Stanley Black - A Tribute to Charlie Chaplin - Conducting The London Festival Orchestra & Chorus

  1. Smile (From "Modern Times")
  2. Texas (From "Chaplin Revue")
  3. Who'll Buy My Violets (From "City Lights")
  4. Morning Promenade (From "The Kid")
  5. Medley (From "The Great Dictator")
  6. Theme from Limelight
  7. Tatina (From "Modern Times")
  8. Mandolin Serenade (From  "A King in New York")
  9. Green Latern Rag (From "Chaplin Revue")
  10. This Is My Song  (From "A Countess from Hong Kong")
A Tribute to Charlie Chaplin

The Composer
(1889 - 1977)

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