quarta-feira, 11 de novembro de 2015

Count Basie and His Orchestra - April in Paris

  1. April in Paris
  2. Corner Pocket
  3. Didn't You?
  4. Sweetie Cakes
  5. Magic
  6. Shiny Stockings
  7. What Am I Here For?
  8. Midgets
  9. Mambo Inn
  10. Dinner with Friends
  11. April in Paris (Alternative Take)
  12. Corner Pocket (Alternative Take)
  13. Didn't You? (Alternative Take)
  14. Magic (Alternative Take 1)
  15. Magic (Alternative Take 2)
  16. What Am I Here For? (Alternative Take)
  17. Midgets (Alternative Take)
April in Paris

Um comentário:

  1. A real classic album, so thanks for this and all your other shares, very much appreciated!


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