segunda-feira, 25 de janeiro de 2016

Don Cherry - The Ray Conniff Recordings - Vol. 1

  1. Band of Gold
  2. It'll Be Me
  3. Rumble Boogie
  4. I'm Still A King to You
  5. I'll Be Around
  6. Wild Cherry
  7. Ghost Town
  8. For You
  9. Sleepy Time Gal
  10. My Future Just Passed
  11. I Didn't Know About You
  12. Love Is Just Around the Corner
  13. When the Sun Comes Out
  14. Please Be Kind
  15. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself A Letter
  16. I Don't Care If the Sun Don't Shine
  17. I'll String Along with You
  18. So Rare
The Ray Conniff Recordings - Vol. 1

The Singer

The Conductor

Um comentário:

  1. Thank You! Great music from a great singer, whose music is hard to find. I hope that there are more to follow.


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