quarta-feira, 20 de abril de 2016

Frank Chacksfield and His Orchestra - Theme Music from King of Kings and Other Film Spectaculars

  1. Theme from "King of Kings" (Main Theme)
  2. The Song of Delilah from "Samson And Delilah"
  3. Love Theme from "The Robe" (Main Theme)
  4. Love Theme from "Quo Vadis" (Main Theme)
  5. The Green Leaves of Summer from "The Alamo"
  6. Main Theme from "Exodus" (Main Theme)
  7. Parade of The Charioteers from "Ben-Hur"
  8. Theme from "Francis of Assisi" (Main Theme)
  9. Love Theme from "Ben Hur"
  10. The High and The Mighty
  11. Love Theme from "The Prodigal"
  12. Theme from "The Sundowners"
Theme Music from King of Kings

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