domingo, 28 de maio de 2017

The European Sound Stage Orchestra - Pleasure Spectacle

  1. Dream Girl (Johnny Pearson)
  2. Uptown Mardi Gras (Johnny Pearson)
  3. Pop Goes the Orchestra (Syd Dale)
  4. Lightly Sprightly (Syd Dale)
  5. That Spring Feeling (Syd Dale)
  6. Toot Sweet (Syd Dale)
  7. Mexican Ding Dong (Syd Dale)
  8. Picnic in the Park (Syd Dale)
  9. Pacific Playground (Syd Dale)
  10. Sonority (Syd Dale)
  11. Cha Cha Del Sol (David Lindup)
  12. Newlook (David Lindup)
  13. Young and Tender (David Lindup)
  14. The Extrovert (David Lindup)
  15. Summertime Trip (David Lindup)
  16. Joie de Vivre (David Lindup)
  17. Family Outing (David Lindup)

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